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Disclaimer – Spoilers!

Be careful of what you read...
Be careful of what you read...

If you haven’t seen the show and don’t want plots, events, happenings and occurrences exposed into your pea-picking little stream-of-consciousness or into your expansive (you’re here, aren’t you?) pool of knowledge…

You should probably not continue on with this article… it contains all I could think of that I could reasonably expound upon in an article about the show that you are here to read.

Go away.

Come back after you’ve seen the episode or your continuation into the depths of this medium will spoil your emotional dinner.

What We Saw!

They were busy!
They were busy!

Last night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. splashed in with a dash of panache sprinkled throughout with spectacle.

  • We got to see Director Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) remove his prosthetic hand (complaining that it was the “…third one I’ve tried…”);
  • We got to see Daisy (not Skye, anymore) Johnson, aka Quake (Chloe Bennet) in her new duds dishing on some dudes determined to detain a new Inhuman on the streets of New York;
  • We got to see Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) doing his best Indiana Jones routine bolstered by S.H.I.E.L.D. high tech gizmos on the back side of a Moroccan city;
  • We got to see Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) doing his best to stay out of Bobbi Morse’s, aka Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki) headlights;
  • We got to see Alonzo "Mack" Mackenzie (Henry Simmons – no relation to the fictional Jemma) being Mack;
  • We got to see Dr. Lincoln Campbell (Luke Mitchell) practicing his craft in the medical field; and
  • We got to see not a whit of Melinda “The Cavalry” May (Ming-Na Wen) or her ex-hubby, Dr. Andrew Garner (Blair Underwood).

    They’re still on vacay.

    Will they return to the show? Will either one return?

    Stay tuned!


Well, Fitz valiantly believes Jemma is alive...
Well, Fitz valiantly believes Jemma is alive...

We got to see Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge). She was running from some unseen pursuer on some unknown planet in another part of the galaxy! She had a bleeding knock on her brow from a skirmish or, more likely, from falling down somewhere or running into something as she was attempting to blindly flee whatever it was that was after her.

And, she’s scared.

Clearly, she is no longer within the monolith – or, if she is, it is a world within the monolith that exists in another realm or extra-dimensional space. But, it, in itself, is not deadly. It’s just a gateway to elsewhere.

According to already released promos, next week, we will get to see Professor Elliot Randolph (Peter MacNicol), an Asgardian refugee Coulson and his team secreted up in Oregon, somewhere (Season One), so he wouldn’t have to go back home to Asgard. The hope is that he has the technological background – or knows someone who has the technological background (Asgardian?) – to figure out how the Kree stone works and either get Fitz into it or Jemma back out of it.

It vomited all over her then sucked her back in!
It vomited all over her then sucked her back in!

Maybe he would, at the very least, understand how to activate the damn thing. Fitz blew the securing doors off the thing, stepped into the shell and dared it to swallow him, too. He shouted at it, pummeled it and cried on it.


He clearly doesn’t cause its activation the way Jemma (and, the presence of other Inhumans) did. Makes you wonder what Jemma’s latent power is, doesn’t it? Terrigen is coming, sweetie… those powers you so distrusted? You got summa your own and they will probably rock your world (pun intended)!

Marvel’s Most Wanted

Preparing to be spun off...
Preparing to be spun off...

We got to see Lance and Bobbi setting up their new not-a-spin-off series. Hunter gave Morse back her wedding ring and seemed to be expecting that they were going to get married all over again… she seemed to be thinking she just wanted back a sentimental piece of her history and that they would just continue to shack up.

Nothing to see here, folks… just keep moving. More later as the series progresses. Or, as the next series spins off…

Bobbi, for her part, had taken back up her white lab coat as a Doctor of Biological Sciences and was attempting to assist Daisy as Daisy attempted to assist their new friend, Joey, come to grips with his newly metamorphized personage. He didn’t like that his skin felt like it was crawling around on his body and that he felt like he was a stranger in that body that he didn’t like.

Since she can’t go Mockingbirddogging while she rehabilitates from the injuries she suffered at the end of Season Two at the hands of Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) and Kara Lynn Palamas (Maya Stojan) as they struggled to force her to agree that she had been wrong to turn over that safe house to Hydra. Hiding out in that safe house was Kara (Agent 33 for S.H.I.E.L.D. fans) and she was captured by Daniel Whitehall (Reed Diamond), tortured and, eventually, brainwashed into Hydra’s services.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Transitioner and
The Inhuman Executioner

Help you get across or keep you from getting there
Help you get across or keep you from getting there

We also got to see the tension between Lincoln and Mack and Lincoln’s disdain of all things Inhuman since his betrayal by all he felt securing his life in Lai Xi: The Afterlife. He now feels his “gift” is a curse and reminds Daisy that was also her first inclination regarding her heritage. And, his distrust of S.H.I.E.L.D. is also still apparent.

And, hey! We got to see Lash (Matthew Willig)! Now, I know why he took the name “Lash” – he “lashes” out, vigorously, at his enemies both with his gargantuan girth, barbarous bulk & superhuman strength and with his energy charge that causes “molecular disruption” in its victims killing them – if they aren’t able to withstand it.

Daisy and Mack were attempting to woo Lincoln back into the fold so he could help that newfound transitioned Inhuman they recovered in New York. Joey Gutierrez (Juan Pablo Raba) is none too happy with Daisy and her attempts to keep him “contained”. And, his ability to cause many (most?) types of metal to simply melt into goo coupled with his current inability to control that ability probably means he shouldn’t just be walking around with Willy or Nilly in polite society – at least, not for a while – not until he can gain some modicum of control over his ability.

Recruiting help for our new recruit... it melted!
Recruiting help for our new recruit... it melted!

I’m wondering, now, if his ability, once corralled and mastered, might also be able to provide the reverse: can he take molten metals and manipulate them – and, even cause them to harden back up? It’s conceivable he could melt his way into, say, a vault, then regrow the molten material back into its original state.

At any rate, Daisy hopes Lincoln’s approach to transitioning will make things better with Joey and help ease his mind and eliminate his tensions.

While they were getting stonewalled by the good Doctor Campbell, the lights in the hospital began to flicker and dim. Daisy thought it was Lincoln, but Link was just as surprised as the rest of them.

Stepping out into the corridor, they see one of the hospital’s security team being obliterated by the hulking, lashing Inhuman we will eventually come to know as Lash. Lash had caused the building’s power brown-out absorbing the electrical power in the building to empower himself in case his quarry (Lincoln) proved to be powerful enough to do him harm back. In the comics, his ability was as an “energy converter” – able to absorb any form of energy and convert it to any other energy form.

It took Lincoln and Daisy combined to even slow the big man and only a few well-placed rounds from Mack’s trusty pistol seemed to actually bother him. Eventually, Daisy ruptured the floor underneath Lash causing him to fall to the next floor down so our heroes would have an opportunity to regroup. I wonder what they will conclude when they finally realize Lash was merely absorbing everything the two Inhumans were throwing at him (electrical and kinetic energies) getting ready to use it back on them.

Lash’s ability to disrupt molecular structures was apparent when he simply dissolved walls to create for himself a pathway to his desired destination.

This... is one big Dude... then, he was gone...
This... is one big Dude... then, he was gone...

Having been blocked in his attempt to capture and test Lincoln, Lash, apparently has decided these two (he wasn’t expecting but one) Inhumans and their largish buddy-with-a-gun were probably more than he could handle right then and probably also figured they would soon have reinforcements… So, he bailed on the scene and went on to his next target(s).

Rosalind Price!

Wait... people are dying??!
Wait... people are dying??!

There is a new sheriff in town and she is a leggy brunette with an agenda – she aims to track down all of the newly-created Inhumans and lock them away until she can figure out what to do with them. Once she’s done that, she’ll let the government know what to think about all these new Inhumans and what they should do with them.

Clearly, her words and concepts are reflected in the words of the American President, Matthew Ellis (William Sadler) as he addresses the nation on the epidemic outbreak of “powered people” across the country: “The laws of nature have changed, and until the laws of man catch up, we can only do what we think is right.” We had previously seen the same President Ellis in Iron Man 3.

Is he his own man?  Or, a parrot...
Is he his own man? Or, a parrot...

Rosalind uttered that exact phrase to Phil earlier as she, he and Lance were discussing their rival situations while on the subway train – Phil and Lance being suitably tied up in detainment by her highly-skilled, thoroughly competent men who had them surrounded with guns in a confined space. I’m sure their egos were severely dented when Phil and Lance executed their pre-planned escape and left them all dazed and scattered about the rail car.

Both Rosalind and Phil were shocked that the other hadn’t been the one to kill those other five Inhumans by causing the molecular disruption that left their bodies incapable of further operation or function. As we progressed into the show, we discovered that perpetrator to be the Inhuman Terminator: Lash.

Who IS this woman?
Who IS this woman?

Prior to getting themselves captured by the chief of the government’s new Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU) head and her team, Coulson and his team had devoted a large amount of time attempting to identify this woman. Apparently, she had served almost all of the various clandestine governmental operations: CIA, FBI, DoD, NSA, Homeland Security… and, even, consulted from those agencies for other agencies like the CDC – probably even the NBA (Scorpions reference!). And, in every iteration of her appearances, she used a different alias.

We have no idea if Rosalind or Price are even her real names!

Who is Rosalind Price?


And, we know that the President of the United States of America parrots Rosalind’s (Constance Zimmer) words about “nature changing” and “laws catching up” on national television as he was addressing the outbreak of powered people all over the country.

Is she really in control of the President? Or, did I misread that and she is merely parroting his words… Could she be that powerful?

How can she have that many identities among that many governmental agencies without triggering someone’s curiosity – other than Phil Coulson’s?

Is she a spy for some other country? For some other galactic neighbor?

I'm still putting my money on the belief that her real name is Dr. Valerie Cooper and she will head the Commission on Superhuman Activities (CSA).

There are still some out there that believe she will eventually be revealed to be Abigail Brand. Especially since she has ties to the DoD and likely with NASA as well. Again, I can't get my big head around that one - Abigail Brand is a black woman and re-engineering a character from black to anything would be met with derision. And, from anything to Anglo? Disaster for the Studio.

If Abigail Brand is to make an appearance in the MCU, she will almost certainly be played by a black woman.


Who's rock is it, anyway?
Who's rock is it, anyway?

Or, she could be a Skrull.

Skrulls are shape-shifters (kind of like Mystique (Jenifer Lawrence) in the X-Men movies), so, I would think, if she had all these various identities that she would have also changed her appearance each time so that there would not be a connection between her various incursions into the various governmental agencies that could be tracked. But, maybe the Skrull “shape-shifting” requires a laborious process… or, maybe, in the MCU, once a Skrull has assumed a shape, that is their shape permanently - or, perhaps the only shape, other than their own, that they can assume?

There is plenty to be discussed as we delve deeper into Season Three regarding these allegations.

We also got to see Rosalind’s chief lieutenant and "partner", Agent Banks. For now, he is just some vanilla mug she has operating her outfit while she sits on her throne and directs his activities. He is, for now, pretty much just your generic “muscle” for the primary presider of the proceedings.

So, Where is Jemma Simmons?

Lost... In Space!
Lost... In Space!

1) We saw she is on a planet (or, the moon of a planet) in an area of that globe that appears to be desert.

2) We saw there is a large planet on the horizon and, possibly, some other moons.

3) We note that she isn’t freezing or suffocating…

4) We saw she was fleeing someone or something and that she had suffered a cut on her brow.

Somebody created this rock... where does it go?
Somebody created this rock... where does it go?

5) And, we saw that the area across which she fled was … quite a bit greater than the area encompassed by the Kree stone. It was an area on the order of thousands (or millions) of times larger than the area of that Kree stone.

So, she was either teleported off-world to this other planet/moon; into another dimensional reality; or the Kree stone has the ability to hold a far greater dimension of space than what we see on the outside… remember the locker in Men-in-Black II?

It is also rumored that Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum also consists of a much greater “inner space” within its walls that what is apparent from the outside.

Small Places
Small Places

Or, was it just teleportation to another planet in our dimension… out in our galaxy… It wouldn’t be Hala (the Kree homeworld) or Kree-Lar (the Kree capital planet)… those planets are far too crowded and their technology is far too advanced to allow that much deserted territory to exist. Their primary worlds are such that living space is a highly-prized commodity.

But, it could be a moon - perhaps a penal colony of some sort. After all, the stone was presumably created to... capture / apprehend / rid the world of... Inhumans... a race that the Kree had created then decided was a bad idea because it was foretold that Earth's Inhumans would eventually evolve to the point they would destroy the Kree civilization.

Or, Hey! Maybe the stone isn’t Kree, at all? Maybe it’s a Skrull construct in their attempt to capture some of the Kree’s technological advancements in the vein of super-soldier creation (Inhumans). Or, it could be their cousins, the Chitauri, who set aside a world to study the Kree technologies and the “Kree stone” was planted on earth to nab themselves some Inhuman test subjects…

Hopefully, Professor Randolph will be able to provide the answers as to how the stone works. Then, we can begin to unravel the riddle of its creation and its purpose.

If Professor Elliot ultimately can’t help, Fitz will likely continue going AWOL looking for any hint of any thread of a clue that might lead him back to his beloved Jemma and prove that she is not dead – or consumed by that rock.


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