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Binge-Watching, as it is commonly assumed, is not the byproduct of the video streaming era. It’s much older, reaching back several decades to the heyday of the video cassette generation.

One of the programs original guilty favorites, thanks to the wonders of syndication, was The Honeymooners, which is now sixty years old.

The reason why so many continue to watch the show’s episodes repeatedly is because the humor still resonates to this day.

For the unfamiliar, The Honeymooners was the story of a married couple Ralph and Alice Kramden, who’ve been married for more than a decade, and still live, paycheck to paycheck, along with their friends, Ed and Trixie Norton in a ramshackle Brooklyn apartment building.

Ralph, an overweight bus driver, played wonderfully by Jackie Gleason, and Ed, played by an equally wonderful Art Carney, were the leads of the show, usually involved in some idiocy to better their lives…which never goes to plan.

The long-suffering wives, Alice (Audrey Meadows) and Trixie (June Meadows), were the real heads of their respective households, despite the blustery objections of their loudmouth spouses.

The Honeymooners began as a sketch on Mr. Gleason’s Cavalcade of Stars and The Jackie Gleason Show.

Its popularity spawned an eventual sitcom on CBS that ran for 39 shows. It came back for occasional TV specials before signing off for good in 1978.

If you are younger than me (and these days that seems like everyone), you owe it to yourself to check out “the original 39” episodes which are pretty much available everywhere.

To help further encourage you, I have included clips of some of the show’s funniest moments.

Who doesn’t need to laugh themselves silly these days?

Ralph confronts his mother-in-law:

Ed teaches Ralph a popular dance:

Ralph argues with Alice:

Ed teaches Ralph to golf:

Ralph becomes janitor of the apartment building:

Ed helps Ralph get ready for Name that Tune:

Happy laughing!


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