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Philip Schmohl

I don't think Marvel could be any clearer about their agenda as regards Fox's wholesale IP ownership of 'mutation' in the MU. On the season premiere of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., the origins of The Inhumans was unveiled. It begins with the spread of the compound Terrigen contaminating the oceans, which when ingested by certain people through fish oil suppliments or even eating seafood, activates a dormant alien gene and triggers a biomorphic transformation, thus changing them into Inhumans. This will be Marvel's end-around to Fox holding all the cards in the mutant arena and the rights to every mutant in Marvel's Universe. If the news coming out of the industry is correct as regards speculation on the furthering of Marvel's agenda, mutants will be totally eliminated from the 'original' Marvel Universe, because Terrigen is deadly to mutants with the X-gene. The X-gene being different than this new dormant alien gene. You don't cooperate with us - we pull a rabbit out of our hat and're all dead. Further evidence to support the removal of Fox owned property is the recent removal of The Fantastic Four and the X-Men from the 'new' Marvel Universe portrait, seen above and discontinuing the Fantastic Four comics altogether. Unlike Rupert Merdock's need to own everything and unwillingness to allow others access to his toys, Sony has relinquished their cinematic rights to Spider-Man, so that he can participate in next year's Captain America: Civil War. The applause for Sony swells and Spidey gets to live to see not only his appearance in Civil War, but a fresh movie reboot of his own with, you guessed it - another new face (Tom Holland) playing the famed wallcrawler. Fox drove the first family of Marvel - The Fantastic Four, into the ground and you'd think they would have learned a lesson and followed Sony's lead, but they are talking of following that travesty up with a sequel. Such is the thinking over at Fox, where the delusion runs deep - to the point where the executives are calling their charade, '...our Marvel Universe.' Money, ego and pride cometh before a fall...


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