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Tyler Ourada

So if you saw my rant about Eli Roth's film the Green Inferno, you may be surprised to learn that I really enjoyed his previous film Hostel.

Hostel is about a group of friends who vacation to Europe. Soon the friends start to disappear. Soon they discover they are in way over their heads.

Unlike the Green Inferno, Hostel is not just gore and disturbing images, whose only point is to gross you out. In fact most of the violence in Hostel is done off screen, and is actually a little on the tame side. Especially when you compare it to films like the Green Inferno or even Saw.

Hostel is a movie that really showcases Eli Roth'S talent as a director. It's slow at first, but it really starts to pick up. And the sound track is pretty good too, it's actually a pretty fast paced movie. If your a horror fan, and you don't mind a little gore, and quite a bit of nudity, and if you enjoy films like Saw, you would enjoy Hostel.


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