ByHenry Martinez, writer at
...ause I really want to see this damn movie already. However, an R rated movie can actually do more justice than a PG 13 movie because usually on average, the PG-13 movies deliver a repeated plot that becomes stale. Hence- hunger games, Maze runner, divergent movies, and others that tens to follow a a particular genre or style and then it becomes a standard of what movies should be like and Hollywood tends to ride it out dry. Some that are pg-13 actually are cash grabs which is one of the major set backs from getting an actual good movie. There are R-rated movies that are better in plot, depth, acting, and character such as Gone Girl. I mean, once you take out the blood and gore from a movie that promises violence, it tends to look ridiculous and cringe worthy. Like the latest Fast and Furious movie looked more ridiculous because if you notice, there was alot less blood, like alot less blood in scenes where blood and bruises would be necessity to bring out the feel of good action. Like when Dom had that fight with Shaw on top of that four story parking lot and it crumbled down and Dom had got into that serious accident rolling down in his car, but when he got out, NO BRUISES OR A SCRATCH! I couldn't help but notice that it came off odd. See, R-rated movies do not shy away when there should be blood.

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