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Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere. -Albert Einstein
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Anyone who is already a Halo fan, will love this series that is part of the marketing campaign for Halo 5: Guardians. Not only does HUNT the TRUTH serve as a prequel to Guardians, but it also digs deep into the past of Master Chief. This series tells of a journalist seeking answers and uncovering the mysterious youth to clear Master Chief of terroristic charges that have been declared against him.

I had heard of it back when it was first announced, but I had brushed it off thinking that I would listen to it eventually. Finally, after I had heard that they released a second season, I sat down to listen to the first couple of episodes because it was starting to get late. I stayed up until 4:30 AM listening to the entire first season which was composed of 14 episodes (0-13).

Below is Episode 0 of Season 1: Primer

Episode 1, I thought this would be okay. I got to Episode 4, and I became deeply intrigued. Then, I reached Episode 6, and my undivided attention was completely taken by this riveting thriller that is HUNT the TRUTH. From the introduction by Benjamin Giraud to the suspenseful conclusion, this is one show that you do not want to miss.

As several people have already stated about the web series, this is the future of marketing for video games and they have good reason to say that. As a child, I used to listen to old cassette tapes of The Shadow. The Shadow was originally a set of serialized pulp novels that were published in the 30's and were eventually adapted into a Radio Drama.

Listening to HUNT the TRUTH provoked nostalgia in me, bringing back those memories of The Shadow. In some way, it felt as though I was a child again. Radio Dramas and Audio Series are more effective and popular than most people today would think. At times, if executed perfectly, can be just as much if not more entertaining than movies. I say that because unlike movies where it is unfolding before your eyes, Audio alone leaves visualization to you and you alone allowing your imagination to be mesmerized by the drama you're hearing.

And I can honestly say, HUNT the TRUTH more than exceeded in delivering us a dramatic and thrilling tale about the Halo universe as we know it.

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