ByAditya Perdana, writer at't use certain characters, such as Batman, or even Booster Gold and Harley Quinn just because they will be included in DCEU. And I think Gotham could still exist within DCEU. They would naturally need to adjust the story because Batman v Superman also tells a story about young Bruce Wayne. However, it shouldn't be a big problem because the story in Gotham is told from James Gordon's point of view. He's the main focus of the story. Well there will be some efforts to maintain continuity and consistency. But it could end up being a better story as a whole. The tonal differences among TV shows actually happen in MCU. As we know, Marvel has Daredevil series whose tone is very different compared to other Marvel's shows and even the movies. In other words, a single-universe concept, I think, could also apply in DC TV shows and movies because what they've done so far is actually not very different. A separated universe concept apparently doesn't always allow the same characters or some characters to exist the way the filmakers want.

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