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Johnny Depp's youngest child is rarely seen in the spotlight, but recent snaps of Jack show that he is growing into the spitting image of his famous father and has razor-sharp cheekbones that could see him following his older sister, Lily-Rose, onto the catwalk!

Jack Depp (or Jack John Christopher Depp III to be precise!) was spotted back in July beaming with pride as his mom and big sister walked the catwalk for Chanel at Paris fashion week, but I've only just noticed how close the apple fell to the tree in the looks department. Check out the image of Jack Depp and his father to see what I mean!

Right from the chiseled cheekbones to the cheeky grin and luscious eye lashes, 15-year-old Jack really is strikingly similar to his dad.

Of course, this shouldn't really come as a surprise as the evidence this father-son duo were destined to be two peas in a pod has been plain to see for years now, just check out how much a young resembles his son when he was a similar age in the pic below:

Of course, Jack didn't inherit all of his blossoming good looks from his father, and his mother, French singer and model Vanessa Paradis, is clearly visible in his cherubic features.

Seeing as Jack Depp is still only 15 years old, we have no idea about what he would like to do when he's older, but it looks like he has the Hollywood smile to make it in the movie industry if he wants to follow in his father's esteemed footsteps.


Who do you think Jack Depp looks most like?

(Source: New York Daily News)


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