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It seems all the rumor-mongering and gossip of King's Landing has spilled out of Game of Thrones and infected the internet, as not a day goes past without more speculation about the HBO series making headlines.

Usually, these rumors are concerned with the welfare of a certain Night's Watchman, although things are a little different today. According to The Daily Star, George R.R. Martin has claimed there is a Game of Thrones movie in the works.

The tawdry British tabloid (and I feel have to reinstate just how bad The Daily Star is, honestly it hardly qualifies as a newspaper) printed a quote reportedly taken from Martin following HBO's Emmy afterparty. He apparently said:

There will be a movie but I will not be involved. I have too much to do. That is something HBO and the DB and David are dealing with. I have two more books to finish and I still have so much to do. The pressure is on. I am such a slow writer and the fans get upset that I don’t write faster.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source added more 'information,' claiming the movie could be a prequel, possibly about Robert's Rebellion.

In response, Martin has now jumped on the rumors and has claimed they're completely and utterly false. Firstly, in a blog post about the cancellation of a mural installation at the theater he owns in Santa Fe, Martin responded to an off-topic question about the Game of Thrones movie:

Next, he headed back to his LiveJournal (which listed his mood as 'annoyed') to write a post specifically responding to this fresh glut of movie rumors. Although stating a movie was considered very early in the television show's run -- when they still had a very limited budget -- it never got of the ground or developed in any meaningful way. He stated:

Don't believe everything you read, boys and girls. Especially not on line.
I don't know where this latest round of "there's going to be a GAME OF THRONES movie" nonsense is coming from, but suddenly it is everywhere, and all of us connected with the show and HBO are being bombarded. But nothing has changed.
The idea of ending GAME OF THRONES with one or more major feature films was first floated oh, three or four years ago. Let me say once again: this was NOT MY IDEA. However, I may have been the first one to mention the notion in public -- where and how I no longer recall -- so somehow I became associated with it.

Episodes like Blackwater and The Watchers on the Wall proved HBO could produce big screen scenes on a smaller budget. Watch The Battle of Castle Black below:

However, he did state the idea of a Game of Thrones movie would be 'cool,' although he reiterated there had been no additional movement in that direction. For one thing, his writing and the television show simply take up too much time. He added:

It would still be cool, and I'd still love to see it... but nothing has changed since the last round of rumors. I am still writing THE WINDS OF WINTER. David & Dan are still filming season six. HBO is still in the television business.

Quite where The Daily Star got this quote from is therefore anyone's guess, but it does seem for the time being that Game of Thrones will still be sticking strictly to the small screen.

Source: DailyDot


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