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Nobody could've predicted the immense impression The Ring left behind when it hit theaters back in 2002. A movie that successfully and simultaneously terrified a generation, catapulted the cursed VHS tape into the pop-culture reference book and sparked a morbid yet hugely popular love-affair with Japanese horror in the US.

The Ring Two, however, created far less of a stir in 2005, with horror fans claiming that it was one of the worst sequels (within the genre) in decades and a general critic consensus that the movie:

serves up horror cliches, and not even Hideo Nakata, the director of the movies from which this one is based, can save the movie from a dull screenplay full of absurdities.

Now in the run up to the release of the third in the franchise, Rings, fans are hoping that this could be the hit to revitalize the success of the first. However, as it has just been confirmed that the Nov. 13th release date has just been pushed back to 'some point' in 2016, it's getting off to a questionable start. But we're keeping our fingers crossed.

After the announcement of Rings via Paramount last year, rumors surrounding the content have been circulating. As Screen Rant reports, there have been multiple suggestions regarding the narrative:

With some suggesting that the script concerned the origin of murderous ghost Samara Morgan. Director F. Javier Gutiérrez saw fit to debunk that belief earlier this year, stating that the project is set in the present day, while also letting everyone know that the film had entered production. How, or if, the story will incorporate video tapes into a 2015 setting is a question still unanswered. Perhaps Samara will upgrade to Blu-ray.

As there has been basically zero promotion for Rings, the push-back does not come as a huge surprise. However, as far as alluding to what the plot will contain, we'll have to wait and see.

Source: Screen Rant


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