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One of the most beloved characters of the Harry Potter series is without a doubt the doe-eyed house-elf Dobby. He goes out of his way to protect and warn Harry of dangers in his path, his actions made all the more poignant because he is often treated with incredible cruelty by his Malfoy family masters.

That's until he is of course set free by Harry's quick-thinking, and his subtle manipulation of Lucius Malfoy. Remind yourself of how it all went down in this short clip:

Yep, when Dobby finally gets that coveted piece of clothing giving him his freedom, it is enough to bring tears to our eyes. The moment has touched fans over and over since we first learned of Harry's courageous act of kindness, and now, it seems that Harry Potter fans are trying to replicate the wonderful moment for themselves.

Indeed, fans on a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of Harry Potter in London are paying homage to Dobby's exhibit in the most heartfelt way ever: by leaving behind their socks!

And the best part is that the idea seems to be spreading, with huge fans in Paris choosing to do the same:

The kind gesture to the late house-elf has even caught the attention of author J.K. Rowling, who even retweeted one of the photos!

We love you Dobby!



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