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"A gold medal is a wonderful thing, but if you're not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it."

Exactly 22 years ago to the day, Jamaica's relentlessly optimistic bobsleigh team slid out on the ice and into our hearts, captivating audiences with their ultimate underdog tale. The movie has gained a huge cult following, and is famous for having what is perhaps the greatest slow clap in the history of cinema:

But what have the cast of Cool Runnings been up to since, and how different do they look now?

Leon Robinson as Derice Bannock

What he's been up to since: After Cool Runnings, Robinson starred alongside action legend Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger, before bagging himself an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Little Richard. You might now recognize him as the baby daddy of Cynthia Bailey’s daughter on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Doug E. Doug as Sanka Coffie

What he's been up to since: Doug nabbed a role opposite Danny Glover and Ray Liotta in Operation Dumbo Drop, before joining The Cosby Show. More recently, he launched his own YouTube comedy channel called The Doug Life Show, as part of The Comedy Shaq Network. Check out his hi-jinks here.

Rawle D. Lewis as Junior Bevil

What he's been up to since: After starring in the parody movie Spy Hard, Lewis's career went on a bit of a hiatus, bar a brief cameo appearance as a security guard in K-PAX. Today, you can find him trotting the globe performing stand-up, which he even does in Jamaica!

Malik Yoba as Yul Brenner

What he's been up to since: You might recognize Malik from the cancelled cult classic Arrested Development, in which he played the entree-serving bounty hunter, Ice. Lately, he appeared as Vernon Turner in Empire.

John Candy (R.I.P.) as Irving "Irv" Blitzer

What he's been up to since: The comedy legend tragically succumbed to a heart attack just a year after the film’s release, passing away at the young age of 43. He's been sorely missed ever since.

Raymond J. Barry as Kurt Hemphill

What he's been up to since: Barry played the prickly dad in Dewey Cox: Walk Hard and recently starred in an episode of New Girl. The actor also linked up with fellow Cool Runnings star Doug E. Doug in Justified.

Peter Outerbridge as Josef Grull

What he's been up to since: Outerbridge found himself dodging devious traps as the lead in Saw VI. In 2013, he won a 2013 Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor in a Featured Supporting Role for his performance in John A.: Birth of a Country. Kudos, sir!

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