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Movies and TV shows aimed at kids often have to straddle a particularly tricky line; they need to be appropriate for children of all ages, and yet entertaining enough to engage their parents.

One way to keep the adults on their toes and the kids none the wiser is by inserting devilishly dirty jokes, hidden in seemingly innocuous exchanges. If you have a dirty mind, it doesn't take much to realize that many of your childhood favorites are actually pretty damn rude!

1. Jimmy Neutron - Banana Butt

In an episode of Jimmy Neutron, Jimmy's dad relates a surprisingly lewd story involving a piece of fruit entering his nether region:

Once, when I was seven years old, I sat on a banana and, of course, it changed my life.

I bet your wife would be interested in hearing that.

2. Shrek - The Dirty Mirror

When the Magic Mirror is discussing Snow White with Lord Farquaad he says that even though "she lives with seven men it doesn't mean she's easy." Mirror, mirror, I'm appalled!

3. The Simpsons - Apu's Explicit Education

Before Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu was supplying Homer with copious amounts of Duff he says he studied at "Springfield Heights Institute of Technology," an acronym that might have gone over kids' heads, but was surely noted by sniggering adults.

4. Toy Story - Sid's Toy Prostitue

Sid's self-customized toys, comprised of seemingly random plastic parts, might be even darker than you first thought. One in particular, a Barbie doll's legs attached to a fish hook, appears to be a subtle clue to the fact it's a 'hooker.' Tut-tut, Pixar.

5. Ratatouille - Did He Just Say That?

When Alfredo Linguini is trying to impress the famously harsh food critic Anton Ego, the latter spurts out a line that might be perfectly innocent, though comes off to me as devilishly dirty. I'll let you be the judge of what Anton Ego means when he says:

If I don't love it, I don't swallow.

Just me?

6. Robots - A Metal Circumcision

When Lydia Copperbottom gives birth to her and Herb's child, you can hear someone shout "It's a boy with an extra part," followed by a quick snip and the newborn's loud crying. I'm not quite sure how you circumcise a robot, but you can bet all the parents in the audience were thinking of nothing else.


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