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Karly Rayner

Halloween is a time to celebrate the ghoulish side of life (or, alternatively, get your buttocks out with gay abandon), but some people just don't know where to draw the line between morbid and downright offensive.

I refuse to dignify some of the worst offenders with space on this list (black face Chris Brown and Rihanna, I'm talking to you), but below are 9 Halloween costumes that will only be worn by assholes this year.

1. Why not weirdly glorify trophy hunting by dressing up as Walter Palmer the lion killer. I mean, people like him need more recognition, right?

2. Or, you could violate a beloved children's movie character for good measure!

3. To be fair, I'm with anything that mocks Donald Trump's leathery, orange chops, but this one gets asshole points purely for the amount of people it will terrify. Think of the children!

4. Do you know what's funny? Laughing at and trivializing the sexual abuse of children!

5. Oh look, it's a man who almost certainly drugged and raped 50 women, let's all have a big laugh about that this festive season. I'm sure all the victims will be thrilled.

6. Just a man who battled with cancer for 8 years and then succumbed to the devastating disease, nothing to see here.


8. Isn't drug and alcohol abuse that killed an incredibly talented young woman at the age of 27 hysterical?

9. I'm sure Bindi would be thrilled about this tasteless portrayal of her father's tragic death.

And if you'e wondering how to still be edgy without being damn right offensive, look to this awesome pair as your Halloween spirit guides!


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