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There's no doubt that zombies have definitely made a resurgence into pop culture over the last few years. Movies like Zombieland, and TV shows like The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and iZombie have all contributed to the popularity, and now it looks like even the government is jumping on the zombie craze bandwagon!

On Wednesday, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a proclamation making the entire month of October "Zombie Preparedness Month" throughout the whole state.

Gov Sam Brownback of Kansas
Gov Sam Brownback of Kansas

But before you go thinking that the state of Kansas has gone mad, reports that the humorous proclamation was actually created by the Kansas Department of Emergency Management to raise awareness for actual disaster preparedness, such as tornadoes or floods.

Speaking about the comedic proclamation, Brownback said "preparedness is important and that’s what we’re trying to get people to pay attention to – to get prepared for any natural disaster. And if you’re prepared for zombies you’re prepared for anything."

But where would the Governor be headed if the event of a real zombie apocalypse? Well, Browback's 18-year-old son, Mark, apparently came up with the plan for the family to get to his grandfather's farm in Topeka, and secure themselves a combine. You gotta hand it to him, that's one heck of a vehicle to choose.

An official for the Department of Emergency Management recommended that all Kansans stock their home with enough food, water and other supplies (such as medicines) to last them up to 72 hours, in preparation. They also suggest that residents should have a supply kit in their vehicles, and make efforts to be trained in basic first aid. The department will be posting preparedness challenges on their website throughout the month of October.

Source: Comicbook, Kansas City


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