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(Warning - the following likely contains some pretty massive SPOILERS for season 6 of Game of Thrones. As Taylor Swift so sagely advised: "Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn ya...")

Now, when it comes to plot spoilers, we seem to - as a culture - be becoming more and more accustomed to their slippery appeal each and every year. After all, with the rise of box set binge watching and constant set coverage, it's often more-or-less impossible to avoid the things - and so, being unable to beat them, we tend to join them. What's more, where the trend is even more pronounced - notably with TV shows and superhero movies - there's usually a pretty substantial amount of speculation tied to pretty much any given rumor, increasing the supply of potential spoilers exponentially.

One of the finest examples of that process in action? Game of Thrones. Y'see, as it turns out:

We Already Know a Whole Lot of Game of Thrones' Season 6's Major Plot Points

Now, in some ways, that's not really all that surprising, seeing as for the past five seasons anyone who's read the source novels by George R.R. Martin has had a pretty solid idea of what's going to happen in perhaps four out of five scenes.

Now, though, we're pretty much completely 'off book' - and anything goes.

Except, of course, it looks as though at least a couple of the following are all but guaranteed to happen - seeing as they've already been spotted on set...

First up?

5. We're Going to See an Iconic Scene in Flashback

Specifically, the assault on the Tower of Joy by a young Ned Stark and some of his pals. Which, since Ned was attacking in order to rescue his sister Lyanna from the clutches of Rhaegar Targaryen (who she may or may not have voluntarily been in hiding with), has a whole lot of import to both the past and present of Game of Thrones.

The reason for the scene's iconic - and eagerly-awaited - status, though?

That scene will likely either confirm or deny the long running R+L=J fan theory - the one which posits that Jon Snow is in fact the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and thus the most plausible heir to the Iron Throne.

And from the looks of this video from Javi Marcos though, it very much looks like we're about to find out whether that's true in Season 6:

Now, if only Jon Snow hadn't just been stabbed to death by the Night's Watch...

Oh, wait...

4. Jon Snow WILL Return

Yup, that's right - seeing as Kit Harington very much seems to have spent the past few months on Game of Thrones' Northern Ireland set... sure does seem as though Jon Snow is going to be back in Season 6 - and in just as important a role as ever.

Which could turn out to be pretty important, seeing as it looks like:

3. The North Will Rise Again...

The main clue?

This here image that recently turned up online, seeming to depict a major battle sequence featuring a whole lot of Stark bannermen...

Which sure does seem to suggest that we will be seeing the North rise again...

2. ...And a Stark Will Be Leading It

Yup, that's right. If you take a closer look at that bannermen-featuring image again, it's not only possible to spot the Direwolf of House Stark, but also the Bear sigil of House Mormont, and (possibly) the orange moose of House Hornwood.

The really important part of that, though?

House Mormont's involvement pretty much guarantees that at least one genuine Stark will be involved in the rebellion. After all, the ten-year-old head of the house, Lyanna Mormont, successfully out-badassed everyone in Season 5 with this letter to Stannis...

...suggesting that if the Mormonts are involved, then so is a Stark.

Whether that's Rickon, who was last seen heading in the direction of House Umber, Sansa, who just escaped from the Bolton's, or even a resurrected Jon Snow - who would, if he died and was brought back to life, be free of his Night's Watch bonds. Add in the potential for that whole Tower of Joy sequence to make him an obvious heir to the Iron Throne, and the latter might just be the most likely...

A small, but potentially incredibly important detail, though?

1. From the Looks of It, Jon'll Have an Unlikely Ally

Tell you what - take another look at that picture of Kit Harington on set for a second:

Notice the guy in the red coat, right next to him?

He sure does look a whole lot like Alfie 'Theon Greyjoy' Allen...

Which, if it really is Theon, would seem to suggest that not only will Jon and Sansa (and presumably Rickon) be reunited, but that Theon might just get the chance to redeem himself for his past betrayal of Robb...

Theon versus Ramsey Bolton come Episode 9, anyone?

The big question still remaining, though?

What do you think?


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