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Rewind your VHS players back 16 years to the last year of the '90s, the year when Drew Barrymore masqueraded as the 25-year-old journalist Josie Geller, who masqueraded as a high school student in order to bag a story. Certainly not the coolest of teenagers, even the first time round, Josie, along with her big brother Rob (David Arquette), returned to their old teenage stomping ground in what starts as an utterly cringeworthy adventure and ends with all those glorious chick-flick feels.

As you follow Josie through her second stint as a high-schooler, you're instantly made painfully aware of how utterly clueless the girl is. From her first day, where she turns up wearing some sort of white chicken outfit and then proceeds to chuck chocolate milk all over herself, to her getting utterly mashed on hash cake and jumping on stage to grind upon a pink feather boa, it's all just one social car crash after another. Especially considering the whole aim of her assignment was to break into the 'cool kids' clique and dish the dirt.

All was going pretty bad for Josie Grossie, until her brother followed her lead. Reinventing himself as a high school student to escape his crappy job, Rob enrolled and did things 'right' from day one. Infiltrating the clique by chugging a massive pot of coleslaw (which is hot, apparently), he got Josie in, and all of a sudden she was the high school sweetheart she'd always dreamed she'd be.

A storyline in which the audience always backed the underdog, Never Been Kissed was a make-over movie which, ultimately, saved Josie Geller's heart in more ways than one, resulting in her finally getting that kiss.

We know that Drew Barrymore certainly isn't Josie Grossie anymore, but what happened to the rest of the gang? I'll bet there are some faces here you completely forgot were even in the movie!

Josie Geller - Drew Barrymore

Rob Geller - David Arquette

Sam Coulson - Michael Vartan

Aldys - Leelee Sobieski

Kirsten - Jessica Alba

Kristin - Marley Shelton

Gibby - Jordan Ladd

Jason - James Franco

Guy Perkins - Jeremy Jordan

Anita - Molly Shannon

Gus - John C. Reilly

Also, just a little shout out to Josie's prom dress



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