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Inevitably, mistakes happen during the production of every film, and usually make for a pretty hilarious DVD extra blooper reel. But sometimes rather glaring errors manage to sneak through the editing room and into the final cut, much to the frustration of eagle-eyed fans.

The fine folks over at Screen Rant have compiled the ten biggest mistakes in blockbusters most people would have completely missed, including...

Fast Five's impenetrable safe

Remember when Dom and his crew stole that big safe and proceeded to destroy half of Rio De Janeiro with it? Well, did you catch the one small detail that would prevent them from ever opening it? It all has to do with this wandering hand:

Since the safe can only be opened with the villain's handprint, the team reconstruct a copy using the groped up bit of bikini. But it's actually his right hand that unlocks the vault:


Captain America's inexplicable question

In The Avengers Captain America asks Black Widow if she can fly a Quinjet. Hawkeye interrupts saying he can and is taken along as the pilot. But it makes zero sense for Cap to even question Black Widow, since he's already personally seen her flying a jet in TWO previous scenes. Perhaps a bump to the head damaged his short term memory...

And Avatar's shapeshifting twin

Jake Sully is presented with the opportunity to pilot an alien Avatar only after his twin brother, who the Avatar was grown for, dies. The deceased twin is, naturally, also played by Sam Worthington, as seen below:

However, in this second shot Worthington has been magically replaced by a different actor, the mistake somehow making it into the final cut:

Be sure to check out the full list of movie mistakes below:



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