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Throughout Friends' decade-spanning, 236 episode run just about every recognizable face in Hollywood took their turn to grab a coffee with the sextet in Central Perk, from a highly infectious Charlie Sheen, to a scarily aggressive Ben Stiller.

Discovering the of myriad star cameos in the show was a big part of its appeal, giving all your favorite actors a chance to take on an often eccentric, yet always hilarious minor role, making their mark on one of the greatest TV series of all time. These were some of the best surprise star appearances...

1. Charlie Sheen

Episode: The One with the Chicken Pox

Sheen played Ryan, Phoebe's Navy hero who clamors for her during his short, and highly itchy period of shore leave. Watch their very physical Chicken Pox romance struggle to blossom below:

2. Danny DeVito

Episode: The One Where the Stripper Cries

Possibly the funniest cameo on this list, DeVito's performance as the self-conscious stripper Roy ended it tears for both him and me.

3. Winona Ryder

Episode: The One with Rachel's Big Kiss

Ryder appeared briefly as a blast form Rachel's past, Melissa Warbutron, revealing that the former sorority sisters shared a lot more than their alma mater.

4. Ben Stiller

Episode: The One with the Screamer

Tommy the screamer was played wonderfully by an enraged Stiller, who just couldn't quite control his anger toward strangers...

5. Julia Roberts

Episode: The One After the Superbowl: Part 2

Chandler's old friend 'Susie Underpants' re-entered his life just long enough to carry out a villainous plot of lingerie-related revenge.

6. Brad Pitt

Episode: The One with the Rumor

Pitt came on the show while he was actually married to Jennifer Aniston, making his character's role as the president of the I Hate Rachel Club even more hilarious. Let's hope it had nothing to do with the breakup.

7. Robin Williams

Episode: The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion

The late comedy legend appeared as part of a double cameo alongside Billy Crystal, playing a paranoid Central Perk customer convinced of his wife's infidelity.

8. Dakota Fanning

Episode: The One with Princess Consuela

A young and very cute Fanning portrayed Mackenzie, a girl who told Joey to man up when he needed it most.

9. Jeff Goldblum

Episode: The One with the Mugging

Leonard Hayes, Joey's theater director, pushed the actor's abilities and bladder to their limits, receiving a yellow shower as thanks.


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