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Debatably one of the best TV shows to come out of the '90s, cult TV show My So Called Life became one of the few series to gain mass critical acclaim although it was (outrageously) axed after only one season.

It has been over two decades since the show was released in 1994, but since it dealt with genuinely real issues such as teenage alcoholism, homelessness and adultery, the themes within it remain poignant today. Plus, it was constantly delivering seriously philosophical one-liners, such as:

Throughout 19 episodes, we held Angela Chase's hand as she entered the torturous roller coaster which was her epic crush on brooding babe Jordan Catalano. We sympathized with Rayanne Graffe and her constant overcompensation and proudly watched as Rickie Vasquez became the first unapologetically gay teenager to appear on American TV.

So unapologetic, that he busted out some serious moves at the school dance. And don't even get me started on that waistcoat - major props to the wardrobe guys, every single outfit in this show was 100% on point.

Obviously this wasn't the only brilliant dance scene within the short series. Remember when Angela had that aha 'I'm over him' moment to the dulcet tones of the Violent Femmes? So good!

My So Called Life was a bible for angsty and misunderstood teenage girls everywhere. Fast forward 21 years and Angela Chase (Claire Danes) and Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) are now household names, but what happened to the rest of the Liberty High School gang?

Lets take a look...

Angela Chase - Claire Danes

Since MSCL: After landing the role (against Alicia Silverstone) as the confused and rebellious Angela Chase, Claire Danes has appeared in: Romeo + Juliet, Princess Mononoke, Igby Goes Down, The Hours, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Stardust and most recently, Homeland.

Best Quote:

“So when Rayanne Graff told me my hair was holding me back, I had to listen. Because she wasn’t just talking about my hair. She was talking about my life.”

Jordan Catalano - Jared Leto

Since MSCL: Since starring as the ultimate player-in-plaid, Jared Leto has appeared in: Urban Legend, Fight Club, Girl, Interrupted, American Psycho, Requiem For A Dream, Panic Room, Chapter 27, Mr. Nobody, Dallas Buyers Club and will soon appear as The Joker in upcoming blockbuster, Suicide Squad.

Best Quote:

Jordan: You talk a lot.
Angela: I have said like eight sentences to you my entire life.
Jordan: [sigh] This whole day has been one long, thing that makes no sense.

Rickie Vasquez – Wilson Cruz

Since MSCL: Nixon, Johns, Joyride, All Over Me, Supernova, Party Monster, Bam Bam and Celeste, Coffee Date and He's Just Not That Into You. TV appearances include: Sister, Sister, Ally McBeal, Party of Five, American Dad! and Grey's Anatomy.

Cruz has also appeared in a number of Broadway productions and is an active LGBT advocate.

Best Quote:

"I wish I could get away with bicycle shorts."

Rayanne Graff - AJ Langer

Since MSCL: It's Like, You Know...,Three Sisters, Eyes, Escape From L.A., The People Under the Stairs. In 2011 AJ Langer appeared in 14 episodes of Private Practice after a six year acting hiatus.

Now more commonly known as the not-so-common Allison Joy Courtenay, Countess of Devon as she married the 19th Earl of Devon in 2004.

Best Quote:

"Do you ever get, like, hypnotized by food?"

Brian Krakow – Devon Gummersall

Since MSCL: Felicity, The Fugitive, Roswell, State of Mind, The Anarchist Cookbook, Tripping Tommy, Private Practice, Drop Dead Diva, The Gates, The Mentalist, The L Word, 24, Broken Windows, iZombie and Mad Men.

In addition to his acting work, he has since penned several short films and indie features and co-founded LA-based theater group, The Piece Project.

Best Quote:

"Oh, look at me, I'm way cool. I'm off with my way cool friends to sniff floor wax."

Sharon Cherski - Devon Odessa

Since MSCL: Pacific Blue, Sleepwalkers, The Sterling Chase, Punks, Opposite Sex, That's So Raven, Mad Cowgirl, Broken Angel and Private Practice

Best Quote:

"I'm going to Kyle, I'm going to tell him the truth, and then I'm going to never have sex again with anyone, until I know it's absolutely the exact right person that I am in complete and total love."

Danielle Chase – Lisa Wilhoit

Since MSCL: Walker, Texas Ranger, Live Nude Girls, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, Social Studies, The Tom Show, National Lampoon's Adam & Eve, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and more notably is the voice of Connie D'Amico in Family Guy.

Best Quote:

"My whole life is waiting for something to happen."

Source: IMDB


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