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After the astounding comic-book success with the Avengers, Marvel take their next large move by doing a Captain America movie in more complex terms and a blockbuster that stars a tree and a talking racoon, needless to say 2014 marks the jackpot for Marvel at the movies, even besides the MCU if we're talking X-Men: Days Of Future Past that marks Bryan Singer back in action to hopefully make the original timeline disappear, thereby erasing several continuity errors for a fresher tomorrow in 2016's X-Men Apocalypse, or even Big Hero 6 that slightly raises the bar for Marvel in the animation department.

Here's my review of the first Marvel movie that came out in 2014.

Starting with its trailer that totally changed my perspective about Captain America, this movie is an entirely astute game-changer for most of the universe in general, plus an Iron Man sequel done right for those of you that checked out my earlier discussion about it. While the Russo(s) went out of their way to establishing this sequel which Feige believes will sum up to be one of the most unique trilogies of all time once Civil War is out (Which makes sense, considering that despite the First Avenger being old fashioned at approach, it involved Howard Stark, a pitch perfect origin story, and a pleasantly surprising performance in The Star Spangled Man With A Plan and the introduction of HYDRA, followed by the modern world's Winter Soldier with Steve and Bucky lost in time and a few Tony Stark/ Iron Man references here and there (Plus, a Stephen Strange reference) with the new HYDRA in action and eventually Civil War that pits Steve Rogers/ Captain America against Tony Stark/ Iron Man for yet another hopeful game-changing attitude followed by a Dr Strange solo movie that takes place before the inception of the MCU as stated by Kevin Feige earlier), it not only turned out to be a sky high commercial/ critical success but brought more attention from several viewers as it involved a rather serious tone at the storyline and its newcomers.

My only complain then, is that it tends to get really, really overrated at times. Okay, bare with me, I'm not criticizing this movie in any way, but some do believe it to be the best Marvel movie of all time or the best comic book movie in general. I did find this to be among the top ten contending list but there's literally NO way it's that good, in my opinion. While I loved the trailer, I couldn't help the fact I only liked the overall complexity that the actual movie delivered. Not to forget some major plus points such as Black Widow, Nick Fury and the Falcon, plus enough room for them all so as to make this feel like it's more of a crossover than a solo movie, but it wasn't nearly justified on a larger than life scale.

From comic book to screen!

Pretty spot on if you ask me!
Pretty spot on if you ask me!


As I once stated in one of my oldest posts (which I probably removed), this movie was without doubt an exhilarating summer popcorn thriller, yet left me with the nagging impression that it was only a slightly above great realistic superhero flick and nothing more. I mean sure, Marvel has the utmost right to take things seriously, like how Marvel movies in general were once solely based on the 'dark and gritty' attitude, wouldn't be much of a surprise if it happened again in the foreseeable future, but that doesn't feel like a Disney universe of Marvel characters. Sure Iron Man might have involved terrorism but it delivered it with a fashionable tone overall. Maybe plain serious does change my perspective, a lot, except that Winter Soldier still offers a handful of funny moments, albeit not as significant as its level of seriousness.

Let's start the actual review with some of the key elements, shall we? Like the introduction where Sam Wilson takes a shorter route in his exercising session, yet fails to top Steve Rogers who apparently is in an even longer session than him. Alright, nothing too fun or serious about that, it works sublime for a comic book movie in Phase 2, even if it means two characters meeting each other on an unrelated note in the streets. Plus point was the sound editing if any of you noticed.

Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk, sorry, wrong movie!
Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk, sorry, wrong movie!

Black Widow is back, now more stylish and sinister than ever, unless we're talking only style, due to which Iron Man 2 takes the lead, not to forget this was how she practically looked in the comics. Plus, she pretty much fits into any type of cover she's in, considering that Tony Stark/ Iron Man already hatched out the fact that she is "Mindblowingly duplicitous."

I kind of liked her look more in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers but anyway...
I kind of liked her look more in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers but anyway...

Like what Joss Whedon once said, do what you must in flavoring the elements of your movie but on top of everything, crack a damn joke! While the amount of seriousness doesn't drag right from the beginning of this movie, this scene with Black Widow cracks another joke to keep things running, even if you can't run everywhere, if you know what I mean.


What follows is a massive infiltration on a not so heavily guarded ship (nothing Captain America can't handle) with a brief information on their strategy followed by the usual warm up with jokes, a chit chat with Black Widow on how Cap could otherwise spend his time. Nice talk, but...why?

And then Cap sets off for an early opening without a parachute cause it's the modern world and he's waited too long to break out of the ice and jump into action as a superhero, yet kick-starts it by diving into the water again, anyone else had this in mind? Oh, I'm so alone! Back to business, Cap's stealth and aggression equal utmost perfection as he fights his way through, even it is both mixed together rather than keeping things clean with one of the two, preferably stealth for that matter. I mean just whatever, they seem pretty impressive for anyone to sit through. While the fight sequence stands as a benchmark for almost all comic book movies grounded to realism, I found that people often compared this to the Raid films. Now I admit that this movie doesn't get as intense as they did/ still do, but I don't think it's quite fair to compare two very different types of movies, even if we're considering this movie and The Dark Knight Rises, which by the way is an ongoing comparison all over the internet, or at least where there's a Winter Soldier fight scene posted. Now I find both to be promising in their own ways but they're still exclusive of one another in the sense that Winter Soldier's not only based on realism but also its comic book counterpart while Rises focused more on realism than its comic book counterpart. Also, we're talking a trilogy and a cinematic universe so there's bound to be differences.

Letting those faceoff(s) aside, how fair does this ship infiltration get? In terms of realism, I wouldn't expect every guard taken down by means of style with one left to be taken out by a teammate in a parachute, but it's probably the other way round if we're talking comics, or additional strategy.

And then Black Widow continues her chit chat about a Nurse that lives across the hall from Steve Rogers after first talking about asking a girl called Kristen out of statistics. Alright, am I the one dragging this a bit too much or is she just up to something? Timing's pretty odd too, given that Cap asks her to secure the engine room before finding him a date to which she replies saying "I'm multi-tasking." Well, we'll know soon enough.

Black Widow manages to sneak her way through the ship after which she stealthily strangulates a pirate to death in comic book style and then gets aggressive with a few guards on the lower level, works well but...still a mix.

She eventually sneaks down to the engine room (when everyone else is in position to attack the pirates monitoring the hostages) obviously in stealth again, but decides to squander it into aggression as she yells "HANG ON" and yet again delivers the result in a mix.

We then see Cap assault Batroc directly from cover as he narrowly survives and confronts Cap as the the hostages are en route to safety, Agent Sitwell included.

The fight sequence is pretty much epic but just how the hell did he kick his shield which even Thor failed to smash with Mjolnir? Let's say that isn't much of a problem as Cap might have pulled himself back using it as defense. What's intense is that Batroc challenges him to be more than just a shield which is when shit goes down real bad and it fixes the fact that Batroc had nothing on his shield, maybe his kicks were ineffective on it. The finisher movie launched by Cap however, is something I've already seen several times in other realistic movies, so it's pretty unimpressive when you expect something entirely new or different.


He pushes him right through a door and what do you know, Black Widow's right there (Not to mention Rumlow said she missed the rendezvous point and hostiles were still at play). Like I said, she totally was up to something. Not to mention she headlines that rescuing the hostages was his mission and not theirs. Right, it kind of reminds me of the time there was an alien invasion in New York where it was Cap's mission to systematically instruct the team to do stuff while she took out as many creatures as she could and just jumped on top of Stark Tower and ended the battle, makes sense!

And Batroc takes the clear advantage of the entire situation, but don't worry. You'll find an excuse or two to admire how they dodge his grenade attack. The mission is jeopardized but you'll love it anyway.

This view looks visually appealing.
This view looks visually appealing.

Like before, Steve isn't too cool about Nick Fury being mostly secretive in his part of the mission, especially when he compartmentalizes his way through the process. Fury does however remind him of the fact that trusting people lost him his one good eye.

The one thing that indulges most people with a Marvel character's storyline is that it is easy to relate to. What follows is a private elevator chat with Fury explaining how his grandfather used to overcome bullies back in his day with the help of a loaded 22, which is when the subject is taken to something a lot more than that.

Yeah I know, they're a little bit bigger than a .22
Yeah I know, they're a little bit bigger than a .22

With a small Tony Stark reference of approval (Though he temporarily ditches his counterpart in Iron Man 3 but keep in mind that the suit and him are one), Nick Fury explains the need for Project Insight while Steve tries to reason out the difference between freedom and fear. He then sets off in his motorcycle, still not too cool about anything and the next thing you know, he visits an exhibition based on himself. Well never mind that but just how the hell did he avoid any attention out there on the motorcycle? Sure he might have figured out a disguise for the museum and it makes sense that only a little kid would find out about it, but is it that people just assume Captain America has a secret identity? Well, not to nitpick on that but I'm still curious! Maybe the museum's exhibition could be a keep up mode for those that aren't too familiar with Captain America, that is, those who pretty much skipped all Phase 1 movies except Iron Man and The Avengers (Believe me, they do exist).

This pretty much headlines the First Avenger in every possible way.
This pretty much headlines the First Avenger in every possible way.

And then perhaps one of the most touching moments in the entire movie, the dance which Peggy owed Steve, that evolves the conclusion of Captain America: The First Avenger. Plus, Peggy saying that the world had changed and to do one's best to even try to put it back would be to start over. Well, let's find out how that evolves soon enough. But didn't Cap tell Fury that the world hadn't changed a bit in The Avengers? Well, that's probably in terms of intention to build weapons and not what it seems on the outside, not to mention f#@king Project Insight in the works.

Satisfaction! Roll credits!
Satisfaction! Roll credits!
You couldn't really leave Steve when you owed him a dance.
You couldn't really leave Steve when you owed him a dance.

Oh, and by the way, the dance that peggy owes Steve kind of happens in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but not really.

If only...
If only...

She appears in Ant-Man too for those of you who haven't seen it.

Remember when Iron Man tried to crack out every dirty secret S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to hide in The Avengers? What if some of them weren't even on their secure files? Well, that's just a guess beyond Phase 2 though Winter Soldier is Phase 2 if you know what I mean. Fury continues to work on his mission by seeking more time to check if project insight was clear to launch up in the sky from a superior named Alexander Pierce while the World Security Council discusses certain events including the pirates infiltrating the ship. Nick Fury says he'd have done whatever it would have taken to visit, including a nuclear war, must be something pretty serious then! The plus point for all geeks is that Iron Man is referenced once again, only that he isn't quite Iron Man at the moment after blowing up all the suits, but to hell with that, the suit and him are one!

Alexander Pierce discusses Project Insight terms with Nick Fury.
Alexander Pierce discusses Project Insight terms with Nick Fury.

The following scene is where Steve comes across Sam Wilson again in a somewhat 'easy to relate to' background where they get to know each other's pasts a little closer, which is probably more necessary than meeting on an unrelated note in the streets.

Whether human or superhuman, we all have problems.
Whether human or superhuman, we all have problems.

Next we have this awesome, awesome showdown between Nick Fury and some bad guys disguised as cops. It seems as though Nick Fury has his own version of Jarvis but this scene didn't in every way fulfill me by offering things I've never seen before, yet it's arguably the best there is.


Nick Fury plans his escape reliably well and I so love the rumor that the Punisher was driving the truck that took out those two cop cars at the intersection. Was it really the Punisher? We'll have to wait until Daredevil: Season 2 to find out.

And then the Winter Soldier strikes with not so flawless timing, but with accuracy. I mean come on, I wouldn't expect him to pop up out of nowhere and suddenly flip a car upside down, but Fury uses his 'lightsaber' equipment (I guess it was developed by Agent Fitz) to escape through a hole he makes in the street within almost ten seconds.

Emily Vancamp in her deserved spotlight.
Emily Vancamp in her deserved spotlight.

Steve reaches his apartment in his motorcycle, still with no attention/ disturbance whatsoever and we see the nurse across the hall from him. Yeah, remember what Black Widow said? And Nick Fury is not so surprisingly there too, only to reveal that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been compromised and get shot himself, Uh, question? When did he remove the bulletproof vest that once saved him in The Avengers? Guess he was probably injured and wanted to lay low without it on him or he probably had no such protection behind his back. Fury's last words to Cap are "Don't trust, anyone" as he hands over the drive that contains some of S.H.I.E.L.D,'s secured intel.

And then we discover that the nurse is Agent 13. Wow, that's Peggy Carter's niece, Sharon, who claims her aunt is an insomniac. It all works well for the story but wow, just wow! Cap sure works his way from generation to generation in a fashion of convenience, doesn't he?

Regardless of all that, the following chase scene is excellent! Not spot on, but excellent. Alright, don't take me for nitpicking. If you watch the following chase scene closely, you'll notice that they have filmed it by merging a few areas/ locations together, not a problem cause no one might notice that. But I'd hoped it would have lasted a teensy bit longer.


Bottom line is whether it had an impact on realism or not, which is where it delivers with utmost sincerity and aggression. Plus, several jokes and references by far so it works suitably great!

Be it fun, be it dark, be it sleazy, be it cheesy whatsoever, there's always time to travel right into the feels. Watch some of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s members mourn out Fury's death in pain with a lot of suspense as well. But can't he just be brought back alive like Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? We'll know soon enough, even Maria Hill decides to take Fury's body away.

Right in the feels.
Right in the feels.

Black Widow plays her analysis by calling Steve a terrible liar, after which he decides to keep the drive someplace safe, at least where no one would expect to find it.

Cap notices Sharon Charter in Alexander Pierce's office and addresses her as her neighbor, guess he wants to play things safe or isn't sure whom to trust yet.

Captain Rogers. Neighbor.
Captain Rogers. Neighbor.

We then get a brief report on Fury's past from Alexander Pierce, who apparently is in a rather suspicious mode. He makes note that he and Fury were both realists while showing Batroc in custody. So that's where he eventually ended up. Pierce then quotes that "To build a really better world, sometimes means having to tear the old one down, and that makes enemies." I suppose this goes well with what Peggy said earlier about the old one all gone and no one being able to put it back, which does indeed add a lot of suspense. Why is Pierce extending her statement? Is Batroc up to something? For a movie grounded to realism, this one sure does time its priorities right, though nothing additional to that.

Don't. Trust. Anyone.
Don't. Trust. Anyone.
This is probably some sort of setup...
This is probably some sort of setup...
Looks like a cool view of the place if you'd ask me!
Looks like a cool view of the place if you'd ask me!

What follows is a impressively filmed showdown in a congested environment, even for a super soldier with massive abilities. Frank Grillo revealed in the interview that it took them seven days to film the entire sequence.

Just in case any of you remember, Marvel had one released this alternate perspective to tease this movie, but it obviously turned out to be fake as Cap had broken out of the elevator after taking everyone out, still a really good method of persuasion if you'd ask me!


Anyway, here's the actual scene.


As much as I loved this scene, it pretty much attaches itself to a plot of convenience. I mean, sure, Cap could just jump out without being fractured as he possesses superhuman strength but he totally managed to grab his motorcycle, put on his mask and make the run for it before they sealed the bridge? Still a massive attempt regardless of quick escalation.

Lucky for Cap, S.H.I.E.L.D. only has one jet in pursuit to stop him but he totally thrashes it which too is a major plus point.


What I'm trying to say is, it all works well even if the realism is a bit too hard to believe, but that's where comic book silliness comes to play. I wouldn't consider this movie entirely realistic as Cap should have otherwise totally injured himself after making the fall but I would consider it the perfect blend between realism and funny moments that remain faithful to source material. The result, a satisfying flick that offers both!

So Sitwell orders that every light in the district go red to kick-start the manhunt for Captain America, which is probably where things go really, really incognito. Only question is, will it really remain uncompromising throughout the process? I know you've already watched the movie but there were some major twists and turns too. Cap ditches his uniform so that S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't track him straight away but that part was actually cut from the movie. It did look a teensy bit rushed in the deleted scene but it would have made more sense anyway.


Remember the one place where Steve had temporarily abandoned the drive cause no one would've cared to look? He returns to that very place in a disguise (On an unrelated note, how did he bypass some possible security cameras at the entrance? An easy fix would be the fact that he can also go to his own exhibition with no one but one kid noticing him) and realizes it's no longer there, seconds after which Black Widow shows up hinting that she has retrieved not only the drive but all the gum as well.

Yet again, pause! How did she know that he had placed it there when she had left much before he'd even thought of it? Another easy fix could be that she wouldn't let her eyes off that thing as she was solely focused on securing S.H.I.E.L.D. Intel at the ship and also told Cap that he was a terrible liar before leaving the place, possibly also hinting that he was a terrible hider, just a thought really, alright I'm done!

She also reveals that she knows Fury gave it to him and that she knew who killed Fury. As predominantly convenient as this seems to be, she reveals that some of the Intelligence community call the shooter the Winter Soldier, and some shots she'd taken in attempt to save someone which she failed, assuming that he is a ghost story, now this is where it actually makes sense --- Winter Soldier popping out of nowhere to flip Fury's car, or shooting Fury at Cap's apartment and so on, not to forget she and Fury hired the pirates, which pretty much sums up everything, the ship, the compromises, Batroc, just everything. I'm betting Batroc not only analyzed the situation back then at the ship, but also knew most of what Cap never did, which is why he hates Fury's idea of compartmentalization. For a movie grounded to realism, this one seems more twisted than an unfaithful adaptation of Mr Fantastic in an average Fantastic Four movie, except you know, this is faithful.

Back at the World Security Council, we witness a huge misunderstanding that Nick Fury used project insight to his advantage. What I like best about secrecy is how Steve and Natasha manage to discover the drive's prime location in a mall and escape from it undetected, now this is where the blend works massively well.

"First rule on the run is don't run, walk.", says Black Widow. Yep, I was wrong. Sometimes you just can't run before you walk, unless you've got JARVIS up and running, which kind of reminds me of a similar version Nick Fury had in his armored car.

Remember when Black Widow advised Tony and Pepper to save their argument for the honeymoon in the final encounter in Iron Man 2? She says the same thing pretending to be Steve's fiancee this time round and it makes more sense. I always knew this movie was a much better version of Iron Man 2 for that matter.


It's pretty convenient that the only people that can take them down are still at the Triskelion headquarters but what's strategic is that Natasha knows exactly how to play hide and seek, more like "You can run and hide at the same time."

Since she was apparently the dominating female lead, I always thought a potential kiss scene was in the works and it's so cleverly done and would otherwise be unintentional as it was just used to buy some cover.


As revealed by the drive that their destination was Cap's training camp in New Jersey, Cap and Natasha's following conversation does add a lot of depth to the movie in my opinion as they get to familiarize the real faces of each other and not just the alliance of being on the same team...well, kind of, especially when Cap says it's kinda hard to trust someone less known. Raegardless of whether this movie follows realism or source material more, it does one hell of a great job. Why do I keep saying this, you ask? It's because it doesn't fully stick to either but works as a combination.


What follows is in my opinion the best part about the storyline of this movie as it reminds Captain America about the time he used to be a selected weak ling who always used to be bullied. While most people might link this movie with the Avengers since several characters appear in it, it's really just a Captain America sequel, but I kinda want Civil War to be way more than that!

Black Widow probably asked Steve who the girl was because she wanted his reaction. As the elevator goes down, the only thing that bothers me is the exact same elevator shot of going downwards that pops up in almost every movie ever made, anyone had that in thought?


Now get ready for the real gamechanging attitude that boosts a lot of future events with tons of references and leaves room for Steve and Natasha to take cover...and clears the way for them to get back to the car or escape even when several copters are in pursuit, now that escalated quickly.


Just a little something to prove who the real bad guys are.


Apparently the head to the one guy they can for once trust. While it seems weird that they escalated from danger so fast, this scene makes it seem a lot more sensible. For instance here, when Natasha owes Steve her life and asks him he'd trust her to save him. I'm still not buying the fact that she's TeamStark in Civil War, is she probably the double agent? I don't know but it's close.

With the slightest of secrecy and advantage, our heroes hit on Agent Sitwell and we see some familiar faces too. Remember that Senator Stern in Iron Man 2 who was a total dick? Yeah, somehow the presence of several characters are maintained so accurately in this movie.


There's plenty of humor filled in this scene and it sets up the plot even more! I know my emotions about this movie haven't been consistent throughout but I'm gonna say this, Falcon's first appearance was SPOT ON! Plus, loved all the references including Stephen Strange and the fact that Zola's Algorithm evaluates people's past to predict their future and scratches people off of the list accordingly.


Just out of curiosity, did Sitwell get hit by a truck? I could have sworn to have seen such a situation before. Regardless of that, the fight sequence is fantastic but not flawless when Bucky's mask comes off and Falcon just attacks before he takes out Cap. I mean, everything looks great and all but just where did he get his suit, the car literally got trashed in the first place. Well, at least Falcon rescued the team secretly, which was the best he could.


Steve's all shattered on knowing the truth. Sure Bucky's still alive but what's more painful is that he doesn't remember a thing. The team seems wounded but S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill steps in to save the day. I kind of like the policy of high impact action on the inside and strict secrecy on the inside.

So Fury's still alive...just like Coulson who the Avengers have no idea about, which actually reminds me...Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been setting up this movie too.

Too sad to note Bucky is actually Bucky and Hydra's been screwing with him all along. Steve's glimpse back into the past where he needed Bucky's help sure is a thoughtful thing to add before entering a war where there's no turning back and maybe, just maybe he and his team could finish the work on time by inserting three of their own chips on board the helicarriers.

You gotta fight a war with uniform, even if it means having already ditched one and having to compromise so that the world can be free.

As much as I love Stan Lee, you can't fire him even in a joke, not cool guys!

You're the reason this entire thing exists, you ain't fired!
You're the reason this entire thing exists, you ain't fired!

Back at the triskelion, Pierce is already at the top of his game, which Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 also was, only that he had no clue what Whiplash was up to.

Sadly S.H.I.E.L.D. can't control everything, including Captain America.
Sadly S.H.I.E.L.D. can't control everything, including Captain America.

Cap, Falcon and Maria Hill infiltrate from one of the top rooms through a helicopter if I'm not mistaken. Only question is, where's Black Widow and Fury? I didn't ask myself this the first time round though.

Yep, you've waited for it, the moment that decides the fate of the world with a speech, reminds me of Magneto's speech in X-Men: Days Of Future Past as well, sorry if switching studios isn't your thing.


What follows is the best of action scenes one could possibly expect in a nearly 140 minute movie, from Agent 13's stand against Brock Rumlow/ Crossbones as he first says "You picked the wrong side, Agent" to which she replies, "Depends on how hard you hit me!" Just kidding, that's rumored to be in Civil War. She says "It depends on where you're standing" as he cleverly launches the ships followed by Captain America and Falcon warming up for the challenge with a little chat that ought to be funny while also true to the movie's serious tone. Alexander Pierce watches the show from his window like a boss while his security defends him. Once he attempts to kill a hostage after a rejected proposal, we see the council lady surprisingly take down all the guards to reveal herself as Black Widow. Damn, top that Fury!



Falcon's flight tour is quite badass but I do find it convenient that the jet only took him down at the very end of the helicarrier with still enough time for time to get back in position, still great though. Cap fights his way through the troops like a total badass in this shot right here.

That's a souvenir!
That's a souvenir!

Maria Hill then alerts him that he's got eight minutes left to finish the mission, kinda reminds me of the same eight minutes thing in The Amazing Spider-Man. Sorry, I'll get back to business now.


Impossible, Fury just topped Black Widow's performance!

Cap and Falcon are on their way to disable the helicarriers. While Cap has no problem on his side, Falcon has an entire jet firing missiles at him, assuming it's bound to lose him at some point, but does it get taken down at all? I'm not sure, it's never explained, or does it have to be?

Bravo lock.
Bravo lock.

One more to go while the Winter Soldier is finally in pursuit.

So he apparently takes a jet to his destination, should be an easy fix for that jet that was never taken out, nothing Cap can't handle since he's already done it once.

Now let's take it to a more stressful background, say when Alexander Pierce uses yet another backup plan by taking out all the council members through some shock devices he'd armed through his phone and using Black Widow to his advantage. They have six minutes left and Cap needs a ride. Get ready for the coolest freefall of all time which is intercepted with style. Looks like a supersoldier's all that heavy after all...but nah, he says he had a big breakfast. What I mean is it's funny, which is a good thing...and BOOM! The Winter Soldier attacks On. His. Left. and takes out Falcon who conveniently lands on top of Triskelion headquarters, only to know that Cap is conveniently still on the helicarrier. Sure he can end the mission but the Winter Soldier's got the massive lead. Rumlow works his way up the Council, which if he does, will be bonus credit for Pierce, lucky the conveniently positioned Falcon might get there soon enough...he's still outside though.

And we see Cap faceoff against his brainwashed buddy, the Winter Soldier for about six minutes in total with a limited amount of time to finish the mission, while Pierce is still at play and Sam and Rumlow engage in combat in a secluded room in the 41st floor, looks rushed if you ask me but it fits.



Steve takes out Bucky with a submission, but not really, assuming it's how he maintains his stance a few moments later while his non-metal arm seems injured. He tries to take out Cap with all the shots he's got left, but Cap couldn't really take out his best pal. I know they're trying to build up the tension in the countdown but quite honestly, I'm not surprised. Sure Cap's gonna get hit quite badly and Bucky might just run out of ammo, without which he's basically harmless and Cap does the job right before the missiles are launched. But the action is totally worth it and you ca't deny the immense effort undertaken during the filming of this process, it's well choreographed and finely written to balance all characters involved, though this scene doesn't offer much of something new. The helicarriers are taken out as per Cap's order to put an end to their threat and we see Bucky stuck under some huge debris which Cap tries to remove.

Meanwhile, Black Widow almost risks her life to prevent Pierce's escape and take him out once and for all. Fury first says there was a time he would have taken a bullet for him and he replies that he already did, like a boss!



It's still pretty convenient that the helicarrier crashes exactly where Sam and Rumlow were fighting, but what works is that Rumlow was the one that launched them and tastes his own medicine. He's probably going to reference taking a building's damage in Civil War and also that Bucky did remember Steve. Moreover, this scene was already set up in an Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover.

Steve decides not to fight so as to get to his friend, Bucky cause he's with him till the end of the line, right in the feels.

The clueless antagonist leaves with no place to go, unless he gets back to his original self again, but that's not happening anytime soon... I suppose Kevin Feige was right, we are in for a unique trilogy after all, not just in terms of the Stark logic, but also other characters such as Bucky (his evolution) and at best, HYDRA!

Remember that little tip Sam gives Steve at the start of the movie? It kinda happens for a while as we see S.H.I.E.L.D. do their part to take down the remains of HYDRA, including Senator Stern who was apparently Hydra as well. It all happens with the troubleman soundtrack in the background, thereby making the scene a little light-hearted, which is blended well.

Black Widow makes note that there's no way the government could put her or any of her teammates in prison as they compromise to protect and defend the world, but they might just know where to find them if they did so that's that!

So we're literally at the very end now and I can't believe I found time to review a movie I'm not fully comfortable with, for you know it feels quite different in comparison with other Disney Marvel movies, but it does make room for other audiences. Nick Fury uses his recent cover to head to Europe and take care of some HYDRA stuff that still exists. Black Widow reminds Steve of Agent 13, the nurse across the hall, who isn't really a nurse, it's arguably the weirdest generation to generation relationship but it works. Cap and Falcon talk about the missing persons case where Falcon is indirectly in for the job or maybe is just part of it cause he does what Cap does, just slower!

However, I'm kinda bummed how the cut the "We just did" part from the trailer and ended it with "When do we start?" Yet again, it adds a lot of suspense and gives us the best MCU credit sequence ever!


I know everyone has their own opinions on Age of Ultron but the Age Of Miracles reference was probably why some people even watched this movie in the first place, makes sense that way!

I totally wanna see how they pull this off, or how he ends up tied in Civil War!
I totally wanna see how they pull this off, or how he ends up tied in Civil War!

So there you go, my review on The Winter Soldier, which is preferably a blended sense of praise as it doesn't really execute one thing at a time, say realism or funny stuff, but as a combination it might just continue to offer both simultaneously on screen!


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