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My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations
Dennis John Lucero

I just saw this movie last week. And I have to say, that it was very GOOD. It was damned good. The action sequences are exhilarating and sometimes funny at the same time. I also have to say that this is certainly better that Cruise's previous post apocalyptic movie OBLIVION. The characters are really fun to love.

The story is good. I know that the alien creatures got good critiques too but I wasn't a fan of them. I liked how they moved, though. But their physical appearance for me is just "AH, OK". I wasn't thrilled. I was hoping that the aliens could be something like a giant parasite and not a giant octopus. And I also wished that we could've seen a glimpse of Emily Blunt when she was the one dying and living and repeating the moment. I was really rooting as I was watching the movie.

Some critics didn't like the ending. But for me it was ok. I mean it was more than OK. At least it was a happy ending. Emily Blunt was alive. I mean when Tom Cruise "RELIVED" because he caught those alien particles that exploded right next to him underwater.

This is what a POST-APOCALYPTIC MOVIE is supposed to be. I know that it should have that DYSTOPIAN environment but the FUN and HUMOR shouldn't be set aside.


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