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Author Andy Weir is a man who can tell you straight up that if you never try, you'll never know. He wrote this book and put it up for free until the demand became bigger and he obviously charged a price to his talents. Good thing he done so because he created quite the story to tell us all. Now on to the movie side of things. First and foremost, the movie itself is fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed its hefty 140 minute long running time and it didn't feel near as long! As a matter of fact, I wish it was longer! This is a strange request because some sci-fi's can be tiring and just downright overwhelming. The Martian, however, finds the perfect balance between the good times and the not so good times. Mark Watney's problem solving is enough to make Sherlock Holmes and Walter White look like little kids in comparison. It does this with believable science and fun humour along the way

The visuals are the are the most stand-out thing for me in this movie. 'Mars' looks fantastic as the set designers did an excellent job of making it look totally believable. Practicality looks key here and I can't recall any flaws in the special effects or practical effects departments.

Ridley Scott was born for this sorta material and he executes is beautifully. He was strapped and ready for this movie for years and his space endeveors and puts him down as, for sure, one of the best sci-fi directors ever. The cast was especially exceptional. Matt Damon as the lead was tremendous. As the viewer you're completely engrossed in the world and that experience alone is great. Even though Matt Damon has an amazing performance to offer us, the film also boasts an amazing supporting cast. Chiwetel Eijofor, Jessica Chastain and Jeff Daniels were all fantastic. I also loved the scenes where Donald Glover were in although I do wish he was in more.

This is a film about hope and how not to give up when all odds are stacked against you. We completely feel like every decision Matt Damon makes that is personally effects us whether it's what's we would do or not (most of the time we would because he's a genius)

One thing I was not expecting is how funny the film actually was. There were some scenes were I had a little laugh and surprisingly there was 2/3 times when I really did laugh out loud. That is one thing I was not expecting going in to this movie! Most laughs comes about seeing the chemistry between Mark Watney (Damon) and his crew mates who have a fun banter-like relationship.

Another nice aspect in the movie is the nice mellow score by Harry Gregson-Williams. A very established composer who sets the Mars scene eerily well. I will be definitely returning to the score in the future.

Overall I found it to be a very satisfying watch, even with all the hype I had around it in my head. The big question you may have, is it better than Interstellar?.. Well I don't know. Some aspects are better I.e the humour. The cast is quite on par. But for me Interstellar may have a slight edge. Very minimal and I wasn't expecting that going in to this movie!

Rating: 9.1


+ Fantastic storytelling + pace

+ visuals are great

+ Funny!

+ Fantastic ensemble


- small few cliché's


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