ByLinda Schubert, writer at
...emistry?Do you really think the studio would have paired them if they didn't?They would have to be academy award caliber actors to pull off what they did if they had no chemistry!Sam Taylor-Johnson herself said they had great chemistry,even Jamie himself said they had great chemistry and friendship.Are you suggesting he lied?As for killing his career,do you think he would have taken this role if he thought it would be detrimental to his career?Wouldn't it be more damaging if he were to back out and be in breach of contract??If you had read any of his comments regarding this role,you would know that he considered it a challenge and a boost up for his career.Jamie is very careful of the roles he takes on so he does not become typecast!Why do you think he is doing war movies and crime dramas?Do you think he does not care what he does as long as he gets paid?Nude scenes aside how many actors out there could pull off an erotic role like that one with such class,or even want to?An actor has to show his range of diversity for his career to flourish or it goes nowhere,and that is what Jamie is doing!!The very reason the movie did so phenonminally was because of the pairing of Jamie and Dakota and their acting abilities,with lesser actors the movie could have bombed at the box office.Do you think movie goers would have kept going back if the acting,directing or script were bad?Most if not all of the people who saw the movie also read the books and would have hated the movie if the chemistry had been lacking in the lead actors!!!So no these 3 movies will most definately not kill Jamies career.Do not sell movie goers short,they can as critical as any paid critic or movie journalist.

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