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This article features my fourth entry for the 5 Day GIF Challenge: When you're binge-watching a show but KNOW you should go to sleep!

My Latest Netflix Binge: Narcos

You know that feeling, when you're just about to begin an epic binge-watch with a new series? You feel like you're about to take on the world, and do something truly great. That's how I felt when I finally sat down to watch Narcos, at least.

I didn't even have to finish the first episode to know that I was in for something great. The opening credits for the show let me know right then and there that Narcos was going to be something truly great.

But then I DID finish the first episode and all of the wildest dreams were confirmed. I knew that I wasn't wasting my time and I was excited to continue with my Netflix binge.

I'm not even looking at the clock anymore. I'm 3 episodes in and I'm loving every second of it. "Are I still watching?" YES, Netflix, I am thank you.

The suspense.

The occasional witty humour.

The action sequences

And the feels...

Still as good as the show was at around 3 am I did have to try and force myself to stay awake.

I thought about calling it quits, going to sleep and just finishing the rest of the episodes the next day. That's when I heard my sensei's voice in the background and mustered the strength to move forward.

So I did. I kept on watching and the the drama only continued to heighten. The story kept on getting deeper and needless to say:

After the credits rolled on the final episode I was experiencing a true flurry of emotions. I was curious about what was to come in season 2.

Overjoyed that Narcos lived up to my expectations.

But more than anything, I wanted more and I didn't want to wait.

If you haven't checked out Narcos already this show is a MUST watch you guys. Check out the trailer below, and stream the first season in it's entirety on Netflix NOW.


5 Day Gif Challenge

Today I am choosing to nominate Ryan Adam, Mark Robirds Jr., and Andy Emini.

For each day, use one of the scenarios bellow and tell us a story (real or fictional) using GIFs and/or memes. Remember, these categories are just for inspiration. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own scenarios if you like!

  • An awkward family film viewing
  • A date that didn't go well OR exceeded expectations
  • Watching an emotional film :'-(
  • Watching your first Rated-R film
  • A horror flick that you were NOT ready for and/or haunted you for days after
  • When you have high expectations for a film and it flops
  • Binge watching a TV series when you KNOW you should go to sleep
  • Watching a film and everyone else around you is on their phones/being obnoxious
  • That moment when you DIDN'T see the plot twist coming
  • Watching a film that's got you laughing uncontrollably

Share your stories and use the 5 Day GIF Challenge, then nominate any members of the Moviepilot community who you'd like to see carry the torch. Should you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact me at [email protected].



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