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Earlier this year, [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143) made a big splash in Hollywood and turned the relatively unknown Taron Egerton into one of the most highly sought after actors of the year. His success isn't unfounded and he's sure to have a bright future ahead of him, especially once it was announced that Kingsman would be on the fast track for a sequel. Yet, with his sudden rise as a hot commodity in Hollywood it is beginning to cause conflict between two large studios both vying for Taron's time.

Taron is currently in talks to take up the role of Sherwood Forest's prodigal son, Robin Hood in the origin story that Lionsgate Studio is rolling out. The movie is set to be a gritty re-envisioning of the legend of Robin Hood, and Taron who is establishing himself as one of Hollywood's stars on the rise would be well suited to fill the role with just the right amount of wit and muscle to become the outlaw.

Robin Hood: OriginsThe Last of Robin Hoodas it is officially titled is hoping to begin production in February which is unlikely to wrap up production before he is contractually obligated to return to production for the Kingsman sequel that Fox is already fast-tracking hoping to build off of the success of the first film.

The Kingsman sequel is planning to begin filming in April, even though there isn't an official script, and there are still many questions needing to be answered before the sequel is actually under way such as: Is Matthew Vaughn returning? Will they revive Harry Hart? What will the Kingsman look like now?

Regardless of the contractual situation, the dispute is likely to sort itself out in a way that is beneficial for both entities (should Taron be officially signed to Robin Hood: Origins). Let us not forget a similar conflict between Fox and Lionsgate with a talented actress by the name of Jennifer Lawrence. The schedule for the X-Men and The Hunger Games franchises seems to have worked out for all parties as Jennifer is now a household name. Taron could easily become just as big of a name if these films work their scheduling out.

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