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Next week marks six months since Furious 7 was released, receiving warm critical reviews and grossing a fairly insane $1.5 billion at the global box office - that's more than The Avengers: Age of Ultron or, to put it another way, more than Ant-Man, Terminator Genisys, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation made, combined. So it's no surprise that Universal are already prepping a speedy sequel.

Although a release date of April 2017 is already set, Vin Diesel recently took to Facebook to confirm that no director is yet attached, with four-time helmer Justin Lin focused on Star Trek Beyond and franchise newcomer James Wan of Furious 7 allegedly taking time out for health issues. (Click here if you want to read a truly ridiculous article suggesting Wan's health took a hit after working with a diva-ish Vin Diesel - who needs sources anyway?)

Vin Diesel: total diva. Allegedly.
Vin Diesel: total diva. Allegedly.

Diesel himself wrote on his Facebook page: "Universal has been so good to me and so trusting of the vision... they have been like family... I promised the studio I would deliver one last Trilogy to end the saga."

It's not actually clear whether he means that the "one last trilogy" began with Furious 7 (which would make sense) or if Fast 8 is intended as the first of a new trilogy, in which case the franchise would be three trilogies and an interloper. Either way it confirms that there'll be a Furious 9: Turbocharged (I know, I know - they'd never go for such an innovative title). Good news all round.

But what other movie franchises could follow Fast's lead in launching a new trilogy? How about...


Ant-Man was one long, glorious origin story which turned out to be something refreshingly different from the grander, more epic-scale films which dominate Marvel's slate (and sometimes get exhausting - yes, Age of Ultron, that's you I'm looking at). A particular highlight was Scott Lang's dynamic with Hope Pym, who in the film's mid-credits scene gets given a modified Wasp suit by her father Hank, finally setting Hope up to take over her mother's superhero alias. One film focused on Ant-Man, one on Wasp, and a joint "Ant-Man and the Wasp save the world (and discover the true fate on Janet Van Dyne)!" escapade to round things out in style. As it is, no word yet on an Ant-Man sequel. Don't disappoint us, Marvel.

Grand Theft Auto

It's basically impossible to make a decent movie out of a video game - or so you'd think, if virtually any attempt from the last decade is taken as evidence. But with an [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) movie coming (directed by the excellent young talent Justin Kurzel with Michael Fassbender in the lead role), that might be about to change, so what better time for a studio to try its luck with Grand Theft Auto? GTA V is one of the most successful games in history, and the astonishing continued success of The Fast & The Furious franchise shows a clear appetite for crime and speed.

Which hypercar could the team could go with in Fast 8?

Speaking of speed - remember the insane Lykan HyperSport used in Furious 7? The one Vin Diesel drove through three adjacent skyscrapers, just because? The first supercar made purely in the Middle East, the car cost $3.4 million and was made in a total production run of a mere 7 units. Well, the Abu Dhabi police force have somehow got their hands on one, continuing their bizarre record of adding ludicrously fast cars to their fleet. And it does look pretty badass.

#НовостиОАЭ Lykan Hypersport пополнил полицейский автопарк Абу-Даби Полиция Абу-Даби пополнила свой автопарк эксклюзивным суперкаром Lykan Hypersport, который будет выпущен в очень ограниченном количестве. Продолжается соперничество между органами полиции Абу-Даби и Дубая, за самый впечатляющий автопарк в мире. Столица ОАЭ «нанесла серьезный удар» конкуренту, приобретя #LykanHypersport, который выпускается тиражом в 7 автомобилей по цене 3,4 млн. долларов каждый. Суперкар недавно принимал участие в съемках «Форсаж 7», где покрасовался своей светодиодной оптикой с бриллиантовым покрытием. Напомним, что выпуском суперкара Lykan Hypersport занимается компания W Motors. Автомобиль оснащается оппозитным 3,7-литровым твин-турбо мотором мощностью 770 л.с. и 1000 Нм крутящего момента, агрегатируемым с 6-ступенчатой секвентальной трансмиссией. Разгон с 0 до 100 км/час составляет 2,8 секунды, а максимальная скорость достигает 395 км/час. Источник #uae #dubai #оаэ #дубай #аджман #абудаби #эмираты #emirates #шарджа #фуджейра #sharjah #fujairah #abudhabi #ajman #russaconsulting #russiadubai #ae #businessuae #driverlicense #ArabEmirates #oффшор #offshoreUAE #offshore

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Although considering Abu Dhabi is only 375 square miles, there probably aren't many opportunities to reach that 240 m/ph top speed. We'll chalk this down to a classic case of "my engine's bigger than yours".

But which hypercars could top the Lykan and steal the show in Fast 8? Well, the film could always take a leaf from Spectre's book and simply commission a car that's not actually been designed yet (a la Bond's new Aston Martin DB10), but there's plenty of existing talent - especially on the roads of Italy.

The Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder, which is probably the most drop dead gorgeous vehicle you've never seen (it's not available to buy yet, although pre-order allocations are sold out) and sprints to 62 in a none too shabby 3.4 seconds (almost as fast as the time it takes your heart to sink when you see the price tag), would be the perfect set of wheels to give Vin Diesel and The Rock a touch of European flair in Fast 8 - good job the film's not set in Italy, though, because the Italian Polizia have a few LP 610-4s of their own.

Are you belted up for a new Fast & Furious trilogy? Who should direct Fast 8, and what car should notorious diva Vin Diesel drive in it? Share your thoughts in the comments below or write a post about it!


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