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President Barack Obama has less than a year and a half left in his term as President of the United States, and many people are very curious about who the next President will be. I, on the other hand, am more curious about something much more important - who will play the P.O.T.U.S. (President of the United States) in a movie about him?

Back in 2008, the movie W. was released starring Josh Brolin. It was a cinematic biography about President George W. Bush, starring Josh Brolin as President Bush, Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney and Toby Jones as Karl Rove.

I would not be surprised if Hollywood repeated itself once again by making a film about President Obama after his presidency. The big question is: who will play the President? Here are 7 potential actors who could take the podium and be the cinematic representation of President Barack Obama in his own movie.

1. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington has had his fair share of acting experience over the years, becoming one of Hollywood's most sought after actors. He is a very experienced dramatic actor, having been nominated for six different Oscars and winning two of them.

Though he may not necessarily look like the U.S. President, there is no doubt that, with the proper make-up and costume, Denzel Washington could play a phenomenal Barack Obama.

2. Jeffrey Wright

Wright, who is currently most recognizable for his role as Beetee in The Hunger Games series, is also a very experienced actor who can certainly play the part of President Obama. With the proper hair styling and a good shave, Jeffrey Wright would look rather similar to the President and would be able to tell the true story of the President quite well.

Brownie points will go to Wright because he was also in W. as Colin Powell. If the movie about President Obama is done by the same people, they may bring Wright back for the role after having already worked with him.

3. Jay Pharoah

Best known for his many impersonations on Saturday Night Live, Jay Pharoah is becoming a rising star in the acting business. Among his popular impressions is that of President Obama, who he can impersonate almost perfectly.

Many people may be worried that casting Pharoah may turn the movie into a comedy, but I beg to differ. Though some actors are best known for one genre, most are very flexible and can use several different acting styles. I have faith that Jay Pharoah could do President Obama justice on screen.

4. Harry Lennix

Harry Lennix is, perhaps, a spitting image of the President, at the right angle. A little bit of make up would make it so that this 'right angle' would be every angle, making him the perfect choice for an on-screen Obama.

He has had plenty of experience as an actor and is around the same age as Obama. He not only looks the part but he can truly play the part, having a rather similar voice. Lennix is actually a very strong candidate for the role.

5. Jordan Peele

Peele, like Pharoah, is known for portraying the President in comedic sketches. Having played the President countless times on Key & Peele, Jordan Peele has plenty of experience with playing Obama and could easily do it on screen.

Also like Pharoah, Peele runs the risk of not being able to be taken seriously after having impersonated him for comedy in the past. However, I do know that Peele is a very strong actor that can easily overcome that problem and can play a very serious, dramatic Obama if the need arises.

6. Chadwick Boseman

Boseman is no stranger to historical biographies, having starred as Jackie Robinson in 42 and James Brown in Get on Up. He is a terrific actor who has plenty of experience and can certainly portray Obama on screen, adding yet another role to his list of historical biographies.

If given the opportunity, Chadwick Boseman would not only be able to play Obama well, but he would truly blow the role away, transforming himself into the perfect doppelganger of the President. In addition, he doesn't look that much different. Adding a bit of make-up would make them practically identical.

7. Will Smith

In an interview with the President last November, President Obama was asked who he would like to see play him. President Obama responded with Will Smith, but not because of his acting abilities or experience. Obama recommended Smith because, and I quote, "his ears match mine."

Smith does have plenty of acting experience and he does look rather similar to the President, especially when you take in the ear factor. Will Smith may just be the perfect candidate to play President Obama on screen, as long as he agrees to do it.

His ears aren't that big....are they?
His ears aren't that big....are they?

Those are just a few of the possible contenders. There are plenty of other actors that may also be able to play the part, assuming that there is a movie at all. But, no matter who plays the President, I am very interested in seeing someone portray him in a Barack Obama movie rather soon.

Who do you want to see play President Obama in a Barack Obama movie? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Who do you want to see play Obama?



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