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On November 15th in 2013, Sony unleashed their successor to the PS3 on a world of eager gamers. Microsoft followed suit with the release date for the XBOX One on November 22nd, 2013. And so, next gen consoles were upon us. However, its been an unusual transition. For most, the leap hasn't felt all that big when compared with that of the PS2 to the PS3, or the XBOX to the Xbox 360.

Furthermore, a number of gamers still haven't moved over to the Xbox One or PS4 after almost two years! Why is that? Is it the belief that the Xbox One and PS4 are underpowered? Is it the unfriendly corporate decisions that have been made on both sides of the fence? Is it the lack of great, exclusive titles? Or is the package as a whole just not satisfying us?

Xbox One
Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox Two & Sony's PS5!

Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect about the Xbox One and PS4 is how ready gamers are to ignore them both. So many of us never felt compelled to say goodbye to our older consoles. There wasn't the same magnetic energy drawing us towards the future of the industry. That's why, and it's extraordinary to think so, people have already begun discussing the notion of the Xbox Two and the PS5.

Is this due to poor corporate decisions on behalf of Microsoft and Sony? Was the leap forward not substantial enough? Technology is progressing at such an alarming pace, that perhaps we can't see these new consoles sticking around for that long - they're not capable enough. The release date for new consoles is already become a speculation topic, which I find really bizarre. Maybe just because I actually kinda like my PS4. But where do you stand on the future of consoles?


Experts have already come out with claims like this, "I think it'll be sooner. I would say there'll be another Xbox in about five years time." Crazy! Is it likely that Microsoft and Sony will shorten the gap between console releases? Potentially, yes. But after pouring years of development, design, and money into the Xbox One and PS4, there's no way they are going to giving up on them so quickly.

At the moment, the PS4 and Xbox One have started to enjoy a much healthier collection of games and exclusives. More and more people are purchasing the consoles too as this is a prime time to pick one up due to the fantastic bundles and price drops that are available out there! But is it really time to be discussing the PS5 & Xbox Two?


What Would You Want From Their Release Dates?

How do you feel about the Xbox One and PS4? I've grabbed both consoles, one each Christmas (:P), and I've barely picked up my Xbox One controller. The free games are never impressive, the exclusives are few and far between, and the collection of indie titles on the PS4 is so expansive and enjoyable in comparison to Microsoft's console! I'm perfectly happy with one side of this console generation, and keen to see how developers maximise their capabilities.

Therefore, the PS5 and Xbox Two aren't really devices I think about. But if you're unhappy with the PS4 and Xbox One and long for a new release date, then let us know why in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you.


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