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"What are pants?"

That's usually the first thing I think when I get home and immediately take them off, but I feel as if Miley Cyrus might not actually be familiar with them, as she tends to only wear thongs or leotards. Or even thong leotards.

Therefore, we can only expect even more crazy outfits, and a lot of skin, as Miley is hosting the premiere of Saturday Night Live's 41st season. She will also double as this episode's musical guest.

Check out the promos below as Taran Killam attempts to get only Miley's level.

Between the licking, twerking, and air humping, I'm excited Miley has found some time to host SNL for a third time, as she is such an interesting and entertaining person to watch when performing.

I'm also hoping for a Happy Hippie song or two, as I found them incredibly inspirational and catchy. Be sure to check out SNL this Saturday, October 3rd and watch Miley, well, just be Miley.

[Source: Uproxx]


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