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They might be some of the most famous faces in the country, but even of the Hollywood elite understand the importance of higher education.

There are plenty of actors and actresses who went to university before they got famous, but it's far more rare that people who are already famous would willingly endure homework, study groups, and hours of lectures.

These 16 celebrities hit the books after hitting the spotlight:

1. Natalie Portman

Alma mater: Harvard
Major: Psychology
Class of: 2003

2. America Ferrera

Alma mater: USC
Major: Theater and International Relations
Class of: 2013

3 & 4. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Alma mater: NYU
Major: Video Game Design, Humanities and Archaeology, respectively
Class of: 2015

5. Dakota Fanning

Current school: NYU
Major: Individualized study at the Gallatin School

6. Emma Watson

Alma mater: Brown University and Oxford
Major: English Literature
Class of: 2014

7. Miranda Cosgrove

Alma mater: USC
Major: Film

8. Haley Joel Osment

Alma mater: NYU
Major: Tisch School of the Arts
Class of: 2011

9. Brooke Shields

Alma mater: Princeton
Major: French Literature
Class of: 1987

10. Jodie Foster

Alma mater: Yale
Major: Literature
Class of: 1985

11. Eva Longoria

Alma mater: CSU Northridge for her masters
Major: Chicano Studies and Political Science
Class of: 2013

12. Danielle Fishel

Alma mater: CSU Fullerton
Major: None specified
Class of: 2013

13. Angus T. Jones

Current school: UC Boulder
Major: Religion

14. James Franco

Alma mater: UCLA, Columbia, Yale, RISD
Major: English, Creative Writing (UCLA), MFA in Filmmaking (Columbia), PhD. in English (Yale)
Class of: 2008 (UCLA), 2010 (Columbia), Current (Yale)
Currently teaches writing classes at UCLA and NYU.


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