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After the devastating news that The Princess Diaries 3 will not be happening any time in the near future, it's high time we visit an old favorite of royal porportion. The Princess Diaries remains a Disney classic that crowned Julie Andrews as a queen, debuted Anne Hathaway, and instructed us all on the importance of hair maintenance.

It's hard to believe it's been over 14 years since Mia had to battle the perils of high school while simultaneously prepping to rule a European country, so let's take a look at what the cast looks like these days!

Queen Clarisse Renaldi - Julie Andrews

Age then: 65 years old

Age now: 80 years old

Royal fact: The Princess Diaries was shot in the same place as another Julie Andrews classic, Mary Poppins. Stage 2 at Walt Disney Studios has since been named in honor of Julie Andrews.

Mia Thermopolis - Anne Hathaway

Age then: 18 years old

Age now: 32 years old

Royal fact: The Princess Diaries established Anne Hathaway's enduring reputation as an adorable klutz on set. In the scene where Mia is talking to Lilly on the bleachers, Anne's trip was not in the script. Director Garry Marshall thought it was so hilarious, he kept it in the movie.

Joe - Hector Elizondo

Age then: 64 years old

Age now: 78 years old

Royal fact: The romantic tension (and eventual relationship) between Joe and Queen Clarisse was not in the script. It was the actors who thought a romance after 50 years old was a positive thing to show onscreen, and the subplot was added.

Lilly Moscovitz - Heather Matarazzo

Age then: 18 years old

Age now: 32 years old

Royal fact: Heather Matarazzo became close personal friends with Anne Hathaway thanks to their time filming The Princess Diaries. They still keep in touch and call each other all the time. Please invite me to your next Sunday brunch!

Lana Thomas - Mandy Moore

Age then: 17 years old

Age now: 31 years old

Royal fact: This was Mandy Moore's first major role in a Disney movie. She's moved up in the ranks since then, lending her speaking and singing voice to Rapunzel in Tangled.

Helen Thermopolis - Caroline Goodall

Age then: 41 years old

Age now: 55 years old

Royal fact: Caroline Goodall also played Mandy Moore's mother in the movie Chasing Liberty.

Michael Moscovitz - Robert Schwartzman

Age then: 18 years old

Age now: 32 years old

Royal fact: In one scene, we see Michael fictional band Fly Paper performing the song 'Blueside.' It was a pretty popular song by Robert Schwartzman's real band, Rooney.

Josh Bryant - Erik von Detten

Age then: 18 years old

Age now: 32 years old

Royal fact: Erik von Detten built his relationship with Disney starting on the Disney Channel, where he appeared on So Weird and classic DCOM Brink! (as well as the lesser known TV movie Escape to Witch Mountain).

Vice Principal Gupta - Sandra Oh

Age then: 30 years old

Age now: 44 years old

Royal fact: The hilarious scene where Vice Principal Gupta receives a call notifying her that the queen is coming has its very own Facebook page. Just another instance of Sandra Oh stealing the show even in minor roles.

(Source: IMDb)


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