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Everyone knows how much I love horror movies and movie scores, last year I released my very own soundtrack to an unmade '80s Italian slasher film titled 'Terrore!,' it got some terrific (pun intended) reviews so in true '80s horror fashion I decided to capitalize on its success with a sequel... 'Terrore! Part Two.'

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Originally intended to be a more aggressive (it is) with the addition of guitars, the score took a more dreamlike feel, most likely from the sad news of the passing of horror master, Wes Craven. At that point the music turned into some sort of A Nightmare on Elm Street Italian rip-off.

Posters for 'Evil Dead' ripoffs 'La Casa 3 & 4'
Posters for 'Evil Dead' ripoffs 'La Casa 3 & 4'

Another sequel for 'Terrore!' is already in the works as well as a new haunted house (as opposed to the slasher genre) score. In the meantime, please listen to 'Terrore! Part Two' and let me know what you think in the comments section.

You can listen to the original 'Terrore!' below:

Finally, I would like to dedicate this score to the memory of one of my favorite horror filmmakers, Wes Craven.

Thank you for the nightmares, Wes!
Thank you for the nightmares, Wes!


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