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Firestorm fate was, and still is a burning question among others about the upcoming [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021).

Even if there is still a lot of interrogations going on, we at least got an expected confirmation about one of our main heroes.

Jay Jackson is the new half of Firestorm

As you can see in this image (check the entire video below), there is no possible doubt. Jay Jackson will replace Ronnie Raymond as the host of Firestorm. Things are going to be shaken up a bit on The Flash. But what's going to happen ?

Of all explanations, this one is probably the most simple. The Firestorm matrix always need two people to work. Thus, Ronnie's death could bring a new host, in the person of Jay Jackson.

This also could be the trigger for Caitlin. Ronnie is her soulmate and his death would be a factor for her becoming Killer Frost. In that kind of storyline, the loss of a loved one is the most simple event that could happen.

In the new 52, a lot of things changed. Among them, we got a new version of Firestorm. Historically, the Firestorm matrix always needed two person to work. However, in this version Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch both are Firestorm by themselves. Robbie Amell is a great actor on the show and I'm sure the producers doesn't want to get rid of him. Just like Caity Lotz, we could see less of him in the future, but he could ultimately come back.

This also could be a way of introducing Fury, the fusion of the two Firestorm. It would be a great opportunity for the DC TV Universe, if they could do it.

Personally, my wild theory is a "Blackest Night" type of storyline. Of course, we would need the introduction of Green Lantern, but I would love it being adapted on TV.

A lot of things are going to change on The Flash and Arrow and I can't wait next week to see the result !

The Flash returns October 6th on the CW.


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