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Season 2 of Gotham has introduced the original character of Theo Galavan, a billionaire who has returned to Gotham was a devastating plan for the city and it's inhabitants. It is clear from the outset that Galavan will be Season 2's big bad, but who exactly is he?

Is Theo Galavan the front for The Court of Owls?

It has been confirmed by Bruno Heller (Gotham's executive president and showrunner) that the Court of Owls will be introduced as early as the shows second season. The timing of Heller's announcement coincides with Galavan's arrival, and the strange foot soldier who appeared in the season's premier loosely resembled the Court of Owls "Talon".

A Talon is a highly trained assassin, absolutely loyal to the Court of Owls and their cause. They are known to survive knives through the skull, electrocution, dismemberment, falling from the height of a skyscraper and even decapitation, while their only known weakness is sub zero temperatures.
While the supposed "Talon" that appeared on Gotham was far from the Talon's that we have seen facing Batman, it is revealed at the end of the show that he was merely a pawn in Galavan's game of chess with Gotham, and after all, why would he want to waste a Talon like that?

Galavan being the head of the Court of Owls is the most likely of the fan theories surrounding the character, but there is one theory that isn't too far off.

Is Theo Galavan actually Ra's Al Ghul!?

Another theory that has been surfing the internet for quite some time. Danny Cannon (the shows executive president)has stated that Galavan and his family have a "century old vendetta" and will be the origins of a "very famous DC villain".

When confirming that Galavan will unite Gotham's most psychotic criminals and unleash them, he said this very intriguing line

You can't rebuild a city without first destroying it.

This was followed up by Galavan stating in episode two that you must burn a city to the ground before you can re-build it.

Ra's Al Ghul has said many times that he will burn Gotham to the ground before rebuilding and remodelling it in his own image. Just look at what he attempted to do in Arkham City and Batman Begins for proof!

While this rumour was quickly dismissed by fans, it isn't that much of a far cry as Ra's has been active long before Batman. Keep in mind that he is over centuries old, so old in fact that he has even sacked Rome-so you can introduce him before Batman.

So who is he?

While I love the idea of him becoming Ra's, it is a long shot. His sister is Tigress so it would make no sense on that part, and The League could have easily broken the Maniax out of Arkham without all the attention. The origin of a "very famous DC villain" will most likely be The Joker or even Harley Quinn, both of whom have been heavily hinted at since the started of the shows second season.

Galavan becoming the head of the Court of Owls makes the most sense. He is rich, twists the public's opinion of himself and has an insidious plan in store for Gotham.


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