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Batman: 'Worlds Greatest Detective'. In film adaptions of the Caped-Crusader, Batman doesn't really live up to his title. In the comics however and the 'Arkham' games by Rocksteady Studios, is a different story. They all show how Bats is a great solver of crime. So here below are 8 other DC characters who are good, or if not better than Batman himself: Enjoy!

#1. Martian Manhunter.

Special Powers/Abilities: Flight, super strength, invulnerability, enhanced speed, shapeshifting, invisibility, telepathy, and "Martian Vision," which provides a type of X-ray vision and allows J'onn to fire energy beams from his eyes.

In the hit show Smallville, J'onn works in Metropolis as a Lieutenant Homicide Detective for the Metropolis Police Department. In the comics, hes also a valuable member of the Justice League.

#2. The Question I & II.

Names: Charles Victor Szasz and Renee Montoya

Special Powers/Abilities: Both are expert combatants, detectives, interrogators, and masters of disguise.

One of the best in the business, Question I is a great detective and is ever curious for answers. No case goes unsolved, because of his extreme curiousness for an answer.

You can see Renee Montoya in action in the show Gotham, but not as Question II....yet anyway.

#3. Rorschach.

Special Powers/Abilities: Agility ,escape artist, gadgets, intellect, stamina, stealth, tracking, unarmed combat, weapon master, and can't forget that o-so great Inkblot Mask!

In the awesome movie Watchmen, Rorschach uses his great detective skills to try and solve the murder of his close friend, The Comedian.

#4. Deadman.

Special Powers/Abilities: Possesses human bodies for a limited period of time; converses with spirits; crosses realms of reality with ease.

#5. Red Robin(Tim Drake).

Special Powers/Abilities: He is adept in the use of electronic devices, especially computers. Tim's utility belt carries the standard complement of Batarangs, gas capsules, de-cel jumplines, and other tools. His R-insignia doubles as a razor-sharp shuriken. His costume is lined with Kevlar and Nomex fabrics, making it bulletproof and fire-resistant. His mask is fitted with Starlite night-vision lenses.

The aspiring detective has all the potential to be number 1 someday and continues to prove this. I mean his trainer is Batman himself!

#6. The Riddler.

Special Powers/Abilities: Brilliant in his own twisted way, but a poor hand-to-hand fighter. His addiction to leaving "enigmatic" clues to his crimes for Batman always proves his undoing.

No one can deny this guys mental capabilities. He has kept up with Batman for years and on occasion been able to out smart the Dark Knight. He definitely uses unorthodox methods, but is a great detective all the same...

The show Gotham is a great way to see how Nigma helps Det. James Gordon and Det. Harvey Bullock with their cases. He basically solves it for them. Sometimes...

#7. Nite Owl.

Special Powers/Abilities:

Genius-level intellect, Wields and employs owl-themed gadgets and weaponry, including a flying/submarine owl shaped ship (that he affectionately refers to as "Archie") Great athlete and hand-to-hand combatant.

A prodigy in the eyes of Batman. His capabilities as a detective are top notch and he did this before he ever became a hero. Batman himself stated that he had a lot of Detective Talent.

Same with Rorschach in Watchmen, Nite Owl also tries to help solve the murder of The Comedian.

#8. Oracle.

Special Powers/Abilities: Superior computer hacker and information retrieval specialist; possesses a photographic memory and is a capable hand-to-hand combatant.

As Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, was trained by Batman and learned his detective ways. When shot by the Joker, she now helps the Caped-Crusader like Felicity does with Green Arrow in Arrow.

Do You Agree With My List? Which Other Characters Are Great Detectives? Tell Me In The Comments! THANKS FOR READING!!


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