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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Remember at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when we got a little teaser for the Sinister Six? I was personally extremely excited so see this extreme group f villains on screen to take on Spidey. Unfortunately, as you probably already know, Sony gave Marvel the rights to Spider-Man back and he will be re-booted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now I do think that this is an amazing thing for Marvel and Spider-Man both but the Sinister Six would have been awesome to see. From what we have been hearing lately, the Sinister Six coming into the MCU isn't too far fetched. Who could play the members? Lets check it out!

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)- Christoph Waltz

There are very few actors today that can match the quality of performance that Christoph Waltz exhibits in every film he is a part of. He is so good at playing a brilliant and evil character and I think he would make a perfect Green Goblin. Assuming that that they introduce Norman Osborn's version of the Goblin I think it is a perfect match. The Green Goblin is one of the most deranged characters in all of comics and Willem Dafoe did an absolutely outstanding job. I think Waltz has the acting ability to pull it off as he is both intelligent and can be evil. It would be perfect and a huge step up from Amazing Spider-Man 2's Goblin...

Doctor Octopus- Brendan Gleeson

Any Harry Potter fans here? I know I sure am and Brendan Gleeson's performance as Mad Eye Moody was outstanding and he really elevated every film that he was a part of. That isn't the only film Gleeson has had amazing performances in, most recently Edge of Tomorrow and Calvary were both great and gave Gleeson that main stream appeal. I think he is the right fit for Otto Octavius and he could really bring an outstanding performance to the MCU. Alfred Molina's performance in Spider-Man 2 was one that I loved when I was younger. I think Gleeson who expand on that performance and be great!

Joe Manganiello- Kraven The Hunter

You may remember Joe Manganiello as Flash Thompson in the original Spider-Man films but he has come a long way since then. Joe looks completely different than he did back then and he has moved on to some very prominent roles as well! Kraven the Hunter is a very hard character to get down. There are so many levels to the character it is unbelievable. I think Joe has both the look and the acting ability to pull it off with success. It has been rumored that Kraven is the first Spider-Man villain that we will be seeing with the re-boot so lets hope they consider Joe for the role!

David Tennant- Mysterio

I have always loved David Tennant's film and television performances. While I'm not that much into Doctor Who, he seemed to do a pretty awesome job as the Doctor from what I saw. He was outstanding in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and that is where I really experienced his amazing on-screen presence. With a character like Mysterio, the actor (Or actress) will be wearing a giant bubble on their head and have limited vocal scenes. This being said, even if we can't see him, David Tennant would bring an energy on-screen that I think would work great for the MCU and the Sinister Six! Unfortunately, David Tennant is actually already a part of the MCU as he will portray the Purple Man in the upcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones sp the chances of him playing Mysterio are slim, but it would be awesome!

Michael C Hall- Electro

I will let it be known that Dexter is perhaps one of my favorite shows of all time! The story behind it, the narrative, and especially Michael C Hall's performance as the titular character were all outstanding. Electro is a villain that I think could have been a bit more fleshed out in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I think Michael C Hall is the man to do it. Not a knock to Jaime Foxx who gave a very fun and interesting twist to the character, I just don't believe it was handled correctly. Michael C Hall and Marvel could handle the character very well. Hall, much like Jaime Foxx, would bring a new direction towards the character of Electro and I think it could be done well.

Vin Diesel- Rhino

Say what you will but I love Vin Diesel as an action star. The Fast and the Furious and Riddick series are where Diesel has shined the most. The character of Rhino is not very hard to pull off. Just smash everything! I think Vin Diesel would do a very good job at just destroying everything in his path and I think he would make a great Rhino. He would have to pull off a Russian accent to really make it work but I don't see why he wouldn't be able to learn. Vin Diesel would be my top pick, I think he fits the role very well and would be a welcomed addition to the MCU!

The Sinister Six Dream Team

It would be amazing to see the cast that I have assembled on the big screen! I think they would all bring a fresh twist to the role and would make the MCU so much better! My personal favorite choice would have to be Christoph Waltz as The Green Goblin! They are all amazing but he would be the 'Sinister" in Sinister 6! Hopefully we actually do get a Sinister Six movie to compete with Suicide Squad. I think it is necessary if Marvel doesn't want to lose "Really....Really....Bad!"


Do you want the Sinister Six in the MCU?

Do you agree with my Fan-Cast? Let me know down below in the comments if there is any actorsyou would change!


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