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Hollywood may seem like it's all creative, hip people that are all about the glitz and glamour. And yes, that's definitely a big part of it, but there's also a very serious business element that often gets looked over. And with any business - especially one that involves a lot of money - there are going to be... lawsuits.

Lawsuits are a headache for everyone involved, but when celebrities and the media are involved, they get even crazier. Here are nine ridiculous Hollywood lawsuits that will make you kinda happy to not be famous.

1. A random poet tried to sue Oprah for a cool $1.2 trillion for "copyright infringement"

One trillion dollars can buy you a lot of things. I guess that's what this guy thought when he sued Oprah and tried to claim that she stole his poetry on her show back in 2009. The case was thrown out ASAP, obviously because, a) No she didn't and b) C'mon bruh.

2. A dude tried to sue Michael Jordan for $416 million because he looks like him

You can most definitely chalk this one up as insane. Allen Heckard was getting stopped and asked if he was Michael Jordan too often in Portland, so he decided the next logical step was to sue Jordan for $416 mil. Then he also sued Phil Knight, the Nike founder and Jordan's business partner for $416 mil, too. He made zero dollars.

3. Before Donald Trump was running for POTUS, he was suing a guy who wrote a book about him who called him a millionaire - and not a billionaire

Most people would be pretty amped on more publicity. And we all know the Donald loves attention. But his reaction makes perfect sense in this case.

In 2009, Donald Trump filed a $5 billion defamation lawsuit against author Timothy O'Brien who claimed in his book TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald that the real estate mogul wasn't actually a billionaire, but a millionaire. There was no malice to be found, and the lawsuit was dismissed.

4. Drinking beer isn't as fun as Budweiser ads make it seem. Time to sue

Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch in 1991 for $10,000, citing false and misleading advertising. He claimed the ads that showed hot people "engaged in endless and unrestricted merriment" turned out to be "untrue." This annoyed Richard. He stated that this disappointment caused him financial loss and emotional distress.

5. Someone sued Drive for being too much like Fast and Furious which is like... not even true

Sarah Deming was an angry Fast and Furious fan who decided that it was unfair that Drive was made because it was too similar. That's simply not true. She referred to it "as very similar to the Fast and Furious, or similar, series of movies." She wanted to really revamp the industry but nothing really came of it.

6. Nicolas Cage... a.k.a. of course this dude had a ridiculous lawsuit: his movie Knowing wasn't fiction

Washington-based Global Findability filed a lawsuit against Knowing distributor Summit Entertainment, claiming that something embodied in the Nicolas Cage-starring sci-fi thriller infringed on its real-life patent on geocoding technology. The patent describes a process of using encoded audio-visual information to map improved geographical coordinates.

The company sued for patent infringement, saying that Knowing "embodies the invention claimed in the 286 patent … "by actively inducing or contributing to infringement of said patent by others."


Celebrities aren't impervious to the law. But that doesn't mean they can't hire amazing lawyers and protect themselves. I hope you enjoyed this quick list of some weird-as-hell lawsuits.

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