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So I have been issued yet another challenge eh? Well I'm not one to back down so...

I am a huge fan of the original Evil Dead series, mostly the sequels because I acknowledge that the original "The Evil Dead" whilst enjoyable was quite flawed in it's execution. Hence why I love the sequel for rebooting the film and executing it MUCH better. In 2013 when I heard that a more serious and horror-based remake of the Evil Dead was being made and being produced by the creators of the original along with the reveal of plenty of practical effects, I was like.

The trailers, posters, and interviews had me convinced that Evil Dead was back and ready to be scare the pants off a new generation. However those trailers? They showed the only good parts.

When the movie starts, it gives us a few improvements over the original such as an actual reason for the characters to go to this cabin and logical reasoning for staying in the cabin. The casting for the Ash replacement named David was impressive and the actor did very well.

That plus some really good scares got me hooked in. However the very moment the character Mia was possessed by the "Deadites" the movie quickly went from ascending to plummeting down. Example instead of going for an original makeup idea for a possessed girl, the movie just felt the need to have obviously fake contact lenses and make up that rips off the Exorcist.

Remember in the trailer when they played the scene of Mia singing the iconic: "We're gonna get you" song? Well NOT in the movie!

The rest of the characters were all so unforgettable and unlikable that their gory deaths didn't do anything for me.

A tedious and ridiculous scene between Mia and...the blonde girl in the basement that just had me checking my watch.

However in the third act David starts building weapons in a similar style to how Ash did which I won't deny that I was impressed by. He had the blue shirt, the weapons, and a more serious attitude that I liked.

But then this is when the movie decides to just give up. First they pull some stupid logic to release the demon from Mia bringing her back to normal THEN David sacrifices himself to kill the possessed friends. Yes they killed off the Ash character.

Oh and you think that's bad? The world starts raining blood and an evil clone of Mia rises from the ground and starts chasing her so she grabs a chainsaw to defend herself. Yeah they are going this route...

A car is knocked over pinning her hand so instead of digging her way out of the easily moveable mud, she decides to amputate her arms. Upon starting the chainsaw the demon says, "I will feast on your soul." And so Mia with one hand and a chainsaw says, "Feast on this." Before sawing the creature in half.

So not only did you kill off the iconic hero, not only did you succumb to the sole survivor girl cliche, not only did you just slap fans across their faces, but you couldn't even recreate the iconic phrase right? It's supposed to be "I'll swallow your soul!" Well you know what I say to the people who made this movie?

I'm usually not a hater of remakes and reboots but this is one of the rare cases where I am. This movie started strong but it quickly failed on so many levels. What were your thoughts on the Evil Dead remake? Let me know in the comments below!

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