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So i got nominated by Julian Gerdes for the 5 Day GIF Challenge. Heres my first day...

"7 days of Ice and Fire"

I had heard of Game of Thrones for quite some time but never wanted to watch it. I just thought it was just some tv show about war. I'd never even seen a trailer!

My friend from school told me it was an awesome TV Show. She said I should definitely watch it and I was all like "AHHH NOOO!!!"

Then at home I had some free time and downloaded the first episode, opened it and there it all began...

I couldn't believe that I didn't even want to see it and here I was enjoying every second of the first episode!

Then, I quickly got all the seasons and started watching it! I began in the morning and watched all night for two days...

All that mystery and intrigue... Joffrey becomes king (a bad and mean king) torturing Sansa (his wife to-be). He killed Sansa's father, Eddard Stark. Also, Tyrion becomes the hand of the king as Robb starts a war... It was just AWESOME!!!!!!

Then, on day 3 I began watching season 3 and watched 5 episodes. There were a lot of new characters, and Jaime got caught by Robb and released by Robb's Mom to be exchanged for Sansa and Arya. It all got worse when the Boltons got him and chopped his hand off - I kinda felt good but and bad since was starting to become a good character ..

When i finished season 3 i was all like "Why Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!"

Everyone died! Robb, his mom, his wife, his army... All because he didn't marry Walder Frey's daughter (he's the guy with the cat from Harry Potter - I never liked him!). This made me feel very sad, and I didn't know if I wanted to continue watching...

Ok ,so i said to myself, "Come on, good things will probably happen". So, i began watching season 4.

And it did well to remove my sadness from season 3, so here's what happened: Joffrey died (YESSSSS). Also, Tyrion's trial (he was accused of killing the king, which he didn't) was one of the best moments of the series!

Tyrion killed Tywin, his father, because he accused him of murder and wanted to kill him. Tyrion ran away with Varys to help Daenerys...

Of course, I took some breaks in between all this!

5 days have passed and now I'm on season 5. I started watching it see how Tyrion would get to Daenerys to help her become Queen of the 7 kingdoms.

All of the episodes were good. Arya went to be a faceless man, Sansa got married to Ramsey Bolton (before known as Ramsey Snow) and he raped her. Jon becomes Lord Commander and a lot of other awesome stuff happened. The last episode was Epic!

Arya went blind!

Daenerys rode a dragon! HOW COOL IS THAT!

The White Walkers are coming!

...and Jon DIED!

So, this is how my week went! I hope you enjoyed my article !

5 Day Gif Challenge you think you can do it ?
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