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After four long months, the final chapter of "Truth" has come out, and with it alot of answers as to how Superman had lost his powers and also why Lois Lane had sold his identity out to the press. Sure, we got those answers last issue, but now it's time to see the consequences of those actions in full force this issue. But, witnessing those actions really failed to capitalize on what this story could have been about. Last month, we saw Lois give out Clark's identity to save and protect him. Instead of having an issue on the emotional ramifications of what she did, we instead get a bunch of B-level Superman villains(and Killer Croc for some reason) taking their revenge out on Clarks friends. Like we didn't see this coming.

Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Junior give us the final chapter of "Truth" the same way that the first actual chapter opened up. We now know all the mystery that has been slowly solved. But, much of the problems with this storyline in this series was the actual pacing and time elements. Where all the other Superman stories revolved around the present, this comic series was about the past, where we already pretty much knew everything that would happen. There was not many shocks because we already knew most of it. Instead of giving us the emotion of the revelations, we were subjected to watching Clark look like an idiot as he actually believed for a few moments that his exposed identity would really cause no problems for the ones he loved. The art by Romita also takes a huge back turn as many panels and pages show Clark looking like he is 10 years older then he is supposed to be. The one saving grace is the promise that this storyline, and all the other ones in the other "Superman" family will come together starting next month with a huge storyline that will involve all the members of the new "Superman Revenge Squad". Yang's script is at its strongest when it focuses on the breakdown in Clark's relationship with the Daily Planet staff. You can actually see the emotion as he tried to explain to Perry and the rest of the staff the reasons why he chose to hide who he truly was. But, by the end of the issue, we watch as Clark looks more like a vigalante then the Man of Steel. If you are reading the "Truth" storyline as a whole, then you can pick this issue up. But, otherwise you can pass it by as not really much happened that will make you interested in picking up future issues. I give this issue just a 4 out of 10.


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