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For the last four months, the pieces have slowly been put together for the ultimate showdown between the two main gods of the DC universe. A battle that would determine who will truly reign in this universe. But, the questions have been placed as to why this battle even needs to take place, and more importantly, whos side should the heroes of the DC universe take in the battle knowing that no side is truly better? What makes this set so good is the amount of time that Geoff Johns is taking in getting all his chess pieces on the board. He is not rushing into anything and is still finding ways to keep all the storylines going as he gets to the main action. That action truly explodes in this issue.

By page 6 of this story, we are enthralled in a double page spread showing the extent of the battle between the two gods. It's a battle where we can see the expressions of the other heroes as we see the goliaths do battle. "Darkseid War" has not disappointed. Each issue adds an additional layer to the complex story. Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok are flexing their collaborative muscles and bringing the absolute best out of each other. The method in which he finds ways to describe the emotions of the characters both with words and visuals in incredible. Nobody at this point knows how long the Darkseid War will last in these books, and part of me prefers not knowing. Each issue of this story finds a way to continue the past epic and still extend the story a little. This issue, more action then development was excellent because it needed to be done. Plus, when we get to the end, we discover who the victor of the first round of this battle is, and now the question is how till will effect all of the cast of characters in this book. Well, we won't need to wait long as next month gives us a number of one-shots that will show us how the characters are dealing with "the death of a God" and all of their own transformations that they have gone through in the last few months. The Darkseid War is, thus far, my favourite arc of 2015, and possibly my favourite DC arc ever if this astounding level of quality is maintained. I am not saying this lightly: this event trumps every arc & major event that has occurred in the DCU since the inception of the New 52. This is a must read for any fans of the Justice League or even just fans of damn good superhero comics. I give this amazing issue a 9 out of 10.


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