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So if you are a fan of the anime as I am and you watched Part One, you may be feeling the same as I am--that the movie felt rushed. It was nearly void of the emotional connections established in the anime among Eren, Armin and Mikasa. Though it is quite difficult to squish eight half-hours worth of story into 80 min, we as the viewers need to know who these people are--how important they are to each other--otherwise we have no reason to root for them.

The beginning of the film did its job. It gets you hooked with horror. The Colossal Titan appears which is epic in itself. Titans ravage the city, eating people indiscriminate of adults and children, men and women. Then the filmmakers attempt to gain empathy with long, angst-ridden conversations that only bog down the film. As it is not very long to begin with, this slows the pace until you are praying the Titans appear again just so the humans will stop whining. I should point out that this over-the-top approach works better in the anime, but watching real humans constantly sad-scream and thrash about makes me generally uncomfortable. They could have spent this time explaining more in depth the anatomy of a Titan, how to kill them and how the omni-directional devices work (seeing as how those weapons are unique and awesome).

Don't get me wrong though, there was plenty of badassery to go around. Watching Sasha work a bow and arrow was like watching Yo-Yo Ma play the cello. Shikishima (Was he supposed to be Levi?) and Mikasa were like two ninjas with those omni-directional machines. Made me wish I had one. And Sannagi--Attack on Titan's answer to Marvel's Colossus--was taking down titans with a battle ax. Savage.

Eren transforming into a Titan
Eren transforming into a Titan

Finally, Eren's transformation made almost all the pubescent hysteria worth it. He kicked Titan ass, crushed some skulls then passed the hell out. But hey, who wouldn't? The Titans themselves were actually the breakout stars of this piece because even though you know this is CGI and these things aren't real, watching a giant just snatch people up off the ground and unhinging their jaws before swallowing their prey whole is pretty much terrifying. So good job there, and hopefully Part Two will make up for what Part One lacked.

Well thanks for reading. Catch up with me next time when I review Part Two! Peace...


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