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Danny Brown

There are many people out there with several this kind of disabilities people from medical conditions and people that are also disabled veterans also those who have a learning disabilities as people with ADHD atat autism who get put down and judged who get belittled by teachers by parents but most of all by certain companies even companies that are greedy and only care about money and themselves who think that people with any kind of disability in any kind of learning disability not have a job and should not have a career like everybody else andrew think we should not be allowed to have an Education even a college education.

Well you know what everyone who has a learning disability or any kind of disability even a war veteran or anybody who has ADHD ADHD or autism if a person just like everyone else and who has feelings like everyone else and has no right to be put down or belittled for judged and have a right just like everybody else to have a chance to have an education such as from school and college but also have a right and a chance to have a career with a company a meaning a job even if they may learn the same thing as everybody else but in a different way.

And now that the government passed a law quite a few years ago to wear all schools and all colleges and all companies are required by law to give people who have a disability to let them go to school and college and have a job a lot of companies and some schools won't follow that new legislation law in the United States including in Oregon. well you know what the government needs to enforce that new law on schools and companies that means every company every school and college and Lao people with disabilities including learning this place to have a chance in school education from high school college but also a chance for a career with whatever company may apply for and With!

But also most of all those companies those colleges and the schools and those certain people that put down and judge and belittle people with disabilities including learning disabilities even certain child care workers who do that to people with disabilities should be put in jail for at least a month but also lose their job and their company or being forced to give those people a chance but also those company should be slapped with a big find such as $8,000 lawsuit or fine by the United States government. people with disabilities and people including children with learning disabilities are people as well and they do have feelings and rights and even though they may do things and learn different to be able do the same kind of job but in a different way should be respected but also be treated right.

I know this to be true and to be a fact because I'm also a 37 year old who has ADHD a learning disability and even though I've been able to do a lot of things to everybody else has but in a different way I still get put down and belittled by certain people and certain companies. so the government enforces laws to teachers college teachers in colleges and schools in companies and start having people show better respect for those who have disabilities and learning disabilities.

Fact and Truth!

So if there are those of you agree with this post I add you to challenge your governor your center in your city and state but also challenge the United States government in Washington d.c DC and the present to have this rule for people with learning disabilities in other disabilities to be respected more, but I also challenge each and every governor Center and the President of the United States to start having colleges college teachers and high schools and high school teachers and school districts and companies to be more respectful to people with disabilities and learning disabilities including two children who have disabilities and learning disabilities even those who have ADHD, ADD, MS Autism.


Daniel Brown (Danny) out in Oregon!


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