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Nicholas Brendon, best known for playing lone regular guy Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has had his fair share of hardships since the popular show wrapped in 2003. Now, he's facing serious charges after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

Bob Jillson, Investigations Lieutenant at Saratoga Springs Police Department, released a statement saying the police were called to a hotel after Brendon allegedly smashed his girlfriend's cell phone in an attempt to get her to stay there with him:

Last night around 11:30 p.m., we got called to a nice family-owned hotel in town for a reported domestic disturbance. We got to the room and we found a 33-year-old female there by herself, and she reported that she had been in a domestic incident with Nick, and he had subsequently left before we got there. She did not have any physical injuries that we were aware of.

After the fight, Brendon reportedly began choking her. Police found him only a few blocks away and arrested him without any resistance.

The former TV star was charged with two counts of criminal mischief and one count of obstruction of breathing, as well as the felony of robbery in the third degree.

This is the fourth time this year Brendon has been arrested, and last month he visited the set of Dr. Phil to combat his struggles with mental health and addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills. He walked off set after a contentious exchange with the host over his line of questioning. In a Facebook post explaining his side, Brendon said he's committed to changing:

My illnesses and addictions are a daily struggle for me, and I am committed to working on them for the rest of my life. A big part of that is focusing on positivity. I’m the first to admit I’ve messed up, a lot, and I’ve hurt people I care about and who care about me.

Let's all hope that he and his girlfriend get the help they need in this particularly difficult time.

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