ByCraig Whitham, writer at

The two movies I am most excited for are Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Dr. Strange - the former because the first was positive, uplifting, and a good story. The latter is Dr. Strange, because I was always a fan of the comic book and I have high hopes for it.

The movie I have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in seeing, will not ever rent, and will continue to rage against, is Civil War. It is contrary to everything Marvel has historically stood for, violates almost every character concept involved, is a tortured story concept that was brought about to serve the lowest denominator of fan service (who would win if...) and makes no sense whatsoever in terms of the greater storyline. This movie will mark the beginning of a very sharp decline in super-hero movies, because it will disillusion the most critical portion of the universe of watchers - the children. There were no heroes in Civil War, only victims - and the afterthought justification that the Skrulls were behind it is even less believable than what was done to SHIELD via HYDRA. In both cases, the question that begs to be asked, and the one question that Marvel has consistently ducked is: Why did they come out at all? HYDRA owned SHIELD; it never made sense to come out like they did. Similarly, the Skrulls had so effectively infiltrated the ranks of Earth's superheroes that they were well on the way to bloodlessly owning the world already - so why come out?

Well, if they don't, then there's no movie. And that should have been the screaming red alert that it should never have been written in the first place.


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