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We all have had a family movie night or something of the sort, and there are just those movies you regret watching. Here are some of the worst Movies that have ever been remade by Hollywood starting at number 5!

5. Karate Kid (2010)

The 2010 Karate Kid was such a disappointment to many people who loved Will Smith. Jaden we get it you want to be like daddy, but if daddy is the producer you probably shouldn't be in the movie. This movie stared Jaden Smith and the beloved Jackie Chan. The movie just did not pan out how the audience thought it would. It wasn't bad graphics or poor editing. It was just the fact that the public did not want this and they did not want Jaden Smith Either. Sorry Jaden, but the public says no!

4. The Pink Panther (2006)

The Pink Panther staring Hollywood's own Steve Martin was apparently an award winning film, but I don't think the public thought of it like that. Many suggested the movie just plain dumb. I say "If your going to make a Dumb film that is a comedy then it should star Rowan Atkinson because why not". This movie was by far one of the worst comedy movies I have ever seen and it just could not make me smile like Mr. bean could. HollyWood should give it another go at it...Did I mention Pink Panther 2.

3. Planet of The apes (2001)

Ahh we all remember this movie. This was definitely on my mom and dads movie night list in 2005. This movie was just so horrible compared to the 1968 version that people actually rated the older one better. Planet of the apes by Tim Burton had one problem and it was Burton himself. The movie reflected to much of Burton and not enough of the classic that many loved. If the movie had a different director then it would be totally different and probably more like able too like the new reboot of the reboot. Its time to put this movie in the attic.

2. charlie and the chocolate factory (2005)

Everyone remembers the original I hope because that one was so much better than 2005's Charlie and the chocolate factory. This movie was by far one of the creepier sides of my childhood memory's and once again Tim Burton is the cause of this movies flunk. We should really Call this a horror factory because this movie had its dark moments which were infused by Tim Burton. I have nothing against him, but he needs to learn his place in Hollywood and giving children nightmares from a kid movie is not the best for him. He should really stick to clay-mation.

1. Godzilla (1998)

Hollywood sometimes just sends some movies to the oblivion in which to never return. This was one of them. There was one big problem about this reboot. The reboot only consisted of about 7% of the original movie in it. I'm not saying don't be creative but don't make Godzilla fight just humans and only humans. This was a big problem because Godzilla was the king of monsters, not the king of mankind. Thus destroying the movies ratings and sending this to the garbage. Thankfully resurrected in Godzilla (2014) which was amazing and a must see. Thus concluding this list of some of the worst Hollywood reboots ever made.


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