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As an up and coming, low budget filmmaker having graduated from London, I wanted to try and make world's scariest horror short film with no money as a part of the experimental learning process. As a result Spectral was created.


Halloween Suggestion: Try To Watch ALONE With The Volume Up ALL The Way!


Alone at night, a girl discovers a pair of glasses that allow her to see an evil spirit. The rest, well.. you've got to watch to find out...

The Origin

As a director I wanted to create a story that was psychologically and instantly shocking, trying to employ jump scares as well. I got the idea of seeing the ghosts through the glasses but not with naked eyes. That way, when the characters on screen realise that there is somebody else with them who they can't see, this becomes a situation that can be psychologically terrifying for viewers if they are alone in their house or apartment.

Crew and Casts

It was only a one day shoot with our brilliant hard working actors; Elizabeth Hammond and Carmen Rain Lykoo did a great job with their performances. This is our writer and producer Lee's first horror film as he normally used to write comedies and drama films. Sound was designed by Fionn Lucas who is a student of Ravensbourne University London. The music was composed by Steve Foster who had worked with me on various projects including my other horror short films The Doll and Apartment 41.

Bradley Stearn was the director of photography for the film and he used a C100 camera with other various lenses with different color lights. Simona Viackute was the camera assistant. Make up and food was provided by the very talented Martina Bassenger and editing/grading was done by Erik Mickevics.

The Doll
The Doll

What is Next?

We are trying to make different types of horror short films for our YouTube channel in order to build our horror audience. We are also working on some horror ideas for possible feature films in future. That being said if you have any unique, scary and creepy ideas for short films, feature films or web series then please feel free to let us know and we would love to collaborate with you guys!

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Also please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts and ideas.

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