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The Classic Comic Superhero is from where the blockbuster superhero movies of today were born. Die hard Superhero fans will fight tooth and nail in the debate as to which is better... comic or the Movie screen? One thing most generally agree on is Classic Comic Costumes don't work on screen (Remember Captain America's Star Spangled man in "The First Avenger" movie and how funny would Iron Man be in a live action movie wearing Ditko's drawing of him?).

Cosplay however is where we can set the differences aside... Both co-exist in this environment, Cheesy Comic and sleek movie cosplay.

Classic Comic Wolverine with less cheese please!

I thought i'd have a shot at trying to bring them a little closer.

Based off the Classic retro brown and yellow suit of the 80's I built my Wolverine to almost look like it stepped out of a comic into the real world. I had to use Armor as I don't have the physique of the Little Canadian Powerhouse so rather than spending an eternity in the gym i spent a couple of months making it in the shed.

Photo: Reagan Smash Productions
Photo: Reagan Smash Productions

And who knows... maybe we will eventually see something like this on the big screen.

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