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Hello Readers! Cj here again, like clockwork. I decided to make today's challenge light and happy after yesterday's was kind of bleak. However, I had no clue what I wanted to do.

I know sometimes it may seem like I'm just BSing this whole thing but I actually do go through a process. I sit and think of a topic and then I write down some of the details I want to include. Sometimes I end up going on tangents because I don't outline and plan well enough which gives it that whole random feel to it. Sometimes when I'm writing, I forget key things that I want to add and hate myself for days because of it. It's an extremely flawed process of random inspiration but it usually works for me. Unless I'm trying to win a contest.

This time I just wasn't really feeling it. I looked at the topics and nothing was popping out at me. I read through the scenarios and no shows came to mind at all. I have to see the article I want to write perfectly in my mind before I ever type a word. I was about to go to my fellow creators for help and inspiration when a thought popped into my head. It was inspiration for a decent enough topic that represents enough of what I'm all about:

Second Chances

Basically this is about a show that I didn't appreciate at first but then grew to love.

There are various reasons you might change your mind about a show. Maybe you grew up and that changed your values and ways of thinking.

Or maybe you just made a snap judgement and later found you were wrong.

In my case it was a snap judgement about the show

I made many snap judgments about Supernatural. First I hated it because it was so popular.

I hate shows with a lot of hype because they tend to disappoint me since they're not the be all end all of television. Either that or there's too much pressure to watch it and enjoy it.

I still haven't finished Breaking Bad after many attempts and I doubt I will. Doesn't matter how many times people tell me I should watch it.

Everybody kept talking about the show and the more they talked about it the less interested I got in it because by the time I knew the show existed it was in season 4.

The second thing was as I said it was already in season 3 by the time I got to it. I wasn't into binging shows like that back then so 3 seasons felt like a bit of a hurdle I didn't want to have to take on. Especially since I'm not sure if it was on Netflix back then which means I'd have to get them from the library and somehow watch the whole season in the two days I'm allowed to keep out DVDs.

The final thing was that I thought it was a hardcore scary horror show like people say the first two seasons of American Horror Story are (I wouldn't know I refuse to watch it). As you should know about me by now, I can't handle horror.

The first time I tried to watch the first episode it was late at night and I was casually scrolling through Netflix.

I saw it and decided to give in and try it out just to see what all the hype was about. Not before I prepared myself of course.

I turned it on and I thought with anxious anticipation.

Then I thought this doesn't seem so bad. I was wrong. IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. I see this.

My initial reaction was

Then it was

So I left it alone for about three years. Maybe it was five. Possibly seven.

I eventually got into binge watching which quickly exhausted all my Netflix choices. I was sitting one day and I really didn't want to watch a movie at the moment I just wanted some good tv. Ten seasons seemed like a reasonable challenge. So I laced up my boots, mustered all the bravery I could, and went in for another shot.

looks like she's using a British Accent right?
looks like she's using a British Accent right?

Besides the first scene it wasn't really that bad. Although, I was still sitting on the edge of my seat just in case some craziness went down.

Then I got further into it and I started loving it.

Suddenly the scariest thing about this show was whether my internet connection was fast enough to get me to the next episode with no wait time.

It took me 2 and a half weeks to finish but I did it. I finished all ten seasons of Supernatural. Of course that counts time with sleeping and having to actually do stuff but yeah. I didn't watch anything in that time except Supernatural.

Who am I kidding. It was probably more like a week and a half and I didn't do anything I was supposed to.

Now it's over and I'm anxiously awaiting the next season.

Well that was my gif story about Supernatural. Hope you enjoyed it. It's a fairly good show. If you haven't watched it yet, I'm not sure what you're doing with your life. Kidding of course, considering I just watched it this year. I actually only watched 9 seasons on Netflix but I DVR'd the rest of them during the Supernatural Marathon which is why I watched it in the first place but I didn't want to sit through commercials.

I didn't forget about the challenge details though. Links and everything here for your perusal.

Here is the list of scenarios to choose from if you want to make your own:

  • An awkward family film viewing
  • A date that didn't go well OR exceeded expectations
  • Watching an emotional film :'-(
  • Watching your first Rated-R film
  • A horror flick that you were NOT ready for and/or haunted you for days after
  • When you have high expectations for a film and it flops
  • Binge watching a TV series when you KNOW you should go to sleep
  • Watching a film and everyone else around you is on their phones/being obnoxious
  • That moment when you DIDN'T see the plot twist coming
  • Watching a film that's got you laughing uncontrollably

Well laters!


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